Attract potential customers with Live Chat feature

Quantazone blog: Attract potential customers with live chat feature

A 2022 study found that businesses that respond to customers online within 5 minutes are nine times more likely to convert into paying customers than other businesses. Live Chat feature is a great tool for this purpose. In this blog, we will help you learn more about the definition and importance of Live Chat, and 6 ways to leverage Live Chat for converting leads.

How does Live Chat feature attract potential customers?

Live Chat is a digital tool in customer service, with basic features such as online chat, help, inquiry and website data analysis.

As the marketing trend shifts to digital, businesses also need to update their marketing and sales strategy. Some businesses try to combine both traditional and digital methods by collecting customer contact information through a form on a website or an app and then assigning a Sales team to call the customer directly potential.

However, reality shows that not all customers are interested in sales calls, and they are also becoming more cautious when sharing personal information on online platforms.

This is when we should use Live Chat. The tool will interact with customers the way they want, that is most convenient for them, and real-time conversation. When compared with other methods of interaction, the percentage of customer satisfaction when using this channel is the highest at 92%. 63% of customers who experience a live chat on a website are more likely to return to that website.

The benefits of Live Chat in attracting potential customers

In the generation of leads, it’s impossible to underestimate the success of live chat. Here are six reasons live chat works as a great tool for marketing and selling:

1. Live Chat feature is convenient and happens instantly

Live Chat feature will help you answer customer inquiries faster than a phone call, and even more personal than collecting data through a form. No need for social introductions or acquaintances, Live Chat feature helps you get straight to the problem.

Live Chat also allows you to interact with customers as soon as they are ready. The chat widget is usually in one corner of the screen, only activated when the customer needs to interact. The balance of instant response combined with quick time improves the overall customer experience.

2. Chat channels can be customized

Live chat software integrated with CRM software helps you to store all past customer interactions. Even if the initial communication is the chatbot’s automatic response, they can be tailored to the client’s platform. Based on this history of interactions, AI-driven chatbots can offer personalized product or service recommendations that not only make your customers feel valuable but also can lead to a conversion to purchase.

3. Erase false assumptions immediately

Consumers can make subjective judgments about your brand story in as little as a tenth of a second after visiting the website. With Live Chat feature, you can clear up any misconceptions in no time. Live chat works as an effective method for telling your brand story.

4. The initiative from both sides

Having a chat widget on the website allows the business the opportunity to proactively communicate instead of sending passive messages. Set up real-time triggers on web pages based on how and when website visitors interact with your site to generate qualified leads. Conversely, customers can also actively text the Sales team whenever they have questions or want to buy.

5. Provide 24/7 interaction

Sometimes, clients will text you outside of office hours like early morning or midnight. Because they would have a different geographical location or urgent need. Here, you can provide 24/7 service by creating shift schedules for each customer service team or by creating workgroups based on different time zones. For small companies, live chat feature solutions combined with chatbots can be enhanced to fill this time gap. This helps ensure no potential customers are lost because of time differences.

6. Provide easy feedback

Since the information gathered from a live chat is often short and accurate, it can help analyze customer experience. Live chats integrated with CRM and analytics software can also determine which strategy is right for the customer and which one isn’t working. Altogether, this help improves the lead quality assessment process power.

6 tactics for using Live Chat effectively
1. Create a chat strategy on high-traffic pages

On average, a website visitor spends about 15 seconds on any website. That time is when you have to impress your customers and persuade them to stay engaged. Identify the pages with the most traffic on your website. For example, customers spend more time on the homepage, product pages or pricing info pages. Strategizing to make your Live Chat button stand out more on these pages can help make your sales strategy more effective.

2. Actively texting

After implementing the chat widget, please pay attention to it. Instead of just activating the channel when a customer asks a question, program Live Chat software to actively interact with the customer. Setting up an activation campaign pops up with a well-informed message when the visitor access the page. This will grab their attention at the right time without distracting them from the primary purpose of the page.

3. Impressive interactive images

A face-to-face conversation doesn’t have to be lengthy and boring. Some live chat software will help you design the Live interface by adding an image, GIF or avatar to attract attention. However, make sure that the image doesn’t lose the actual goal of the conversation, which is to inform customers about the different products and services the business offers.

4. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to better handle the workflow

When dealing with customer chats, it’s important to manage the content of customer chats. Especially if your employees are wasting time on repetitive issues. An AI-based chatbot can be deployed to handle initial greetings and casual interactions, saving the Sales team time to dig into more purposeful questions. With chatbots, the responses are instantaneous and consistent.

5. Incorporate engagement on multi-channel (Omnichannel)

Customers can interact with businesses on multiple platforms. It is not enough just to apply a Live Chat feature on your website. Customers often contact businesses on instant messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, or other communication platforms. Integrating Live feature with all communication channels allows for seamless communication and quick response, no matter which channel they use to contact you.

6. Choose the right integration app

For this feature to be effective as a sales strategy to generate strong leads, it needs to be used in tandem with other systems in the business. Integration of CRM, calendar, email marketing and discounts, and additional features like live translator can enhance the quality of conversations. You can use the software provided by third parties to find the integration that best suits your business.


Your business may have a strong online presence, high website traffic and impressive clicks. However, if these don’t convert leads successfully, they won’t deliver many values. Live Chat has the benefits of real-time interaction. It is one tool that will help businesses attract many loyal customers.

To build an effective Live Chat application strategy, you need to develop a channel selection mindset and channel coordination (Channel Mapping) to choose the most appropriate platform, optimizing the user experience.

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