Building powerful digital presence for energy unit firm

Case study: Building powerful digital presence for energy unit firm

Cyclo Transmissions established itself in 1979 and has grown since that time to become leaders in Power Transmission Products. The quality and trouble-free performance of their products led by their wide acceptance in the industries ranging from Aluminum, Chemical, to Heavy Engineering, Power Plants, Sugar Plants, etc. Cyclo has won various national level awards for their outstanding performance. Now we recognise cyclo Transmissions all over the country for their work.

Cyclo transmissions have been doing great in their work, but their lack of presence in the online world was affecting their productivity. Therefore they wanted to use the power of the Cloud and Digital world to ease out their work and improve the overall company’s performance and productivity.

Initially, we took an overview of Cyclo’s complete business structure. We decided on a strategy that could help them gain a strong online presence with the power of the cloud, digital, and various technologies. So after building their website and bringing the cloud technologies into their daily office tasks, Cyclo transmissions could see a noticeable difference in their productivity and ease of work. Many of their tasks could now be completed with a single email. Hence we are continuously keeping Cyclo’s online presence up to date as per their recent updates and making sure we achieve the best when it comes to data safety and security.

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