Capital Markets, Consulting, Technological innovation, and Process management expertise
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Quantazone Markets

Quantazone provides critical business operations services to over various Fortune 500 clients, including several of the world’s leading companies across financial services, manufacturing, travel and leisure, software and high-tech. Industry experience complemented by the application of smart automation and robotics, our team of experts deliver holistic solutions across the trade life cycle, change management, data analytics, compliance, cash securities operations, document digitization and generation, and outreach.
Trade Life Cycle Operations

Quantazone Markets supports all post-execution activity across bilateral OTC derivatives, cleared OTC derivatives, and listed derivatives transactions. From drafting long-form confirmations for structured products, through managing collateral to the settling of any cash flow, we are recognized for quality and scale

Compliance & Surveillance  

Our deep domain experience, understanding of relevant regulations and data management know-how, combined with a pool of trained resources. We help compliance and AML teams, report on risk, exposure, respond to regulatory scrutiny and deliver advanced integration and resolution capabilities.

Collateral Management  

Quantazone Markets has extensive experience in cash securities operations spanning across multiple broker-dealer and sell-side institutions providing support for loan operations, securities financing, and corporate actions. Our services encompass various product types including primary and secondary loans, letters of credit, and equity and fixed income securities.


Scale of Operations
We have deep experience in improving processes through ERP optimization, and automation tools for innovation, change management and business process re-engineering.
Analytics Capabilities

We leverage our strong analytics capabilities from a strong analytics team to deliver business insights and outcomes.

Process re-engineering

We offer industry specific improved operational controls and transformation with advanced process re-engineering.

Global industry expertise
Our industry-specific services address nuances related to trade/ non-trade, direct/ indirect, goods for re-sale in each industry.
Industry-specific Solutions
We understand the nuances of market requirements in every industry, and hence deliver industry-specific BPaaS solutions in different verticals.

Well experienced to
get the job done!

For financial organizations across the world, Quantazone Markets, offers consulting, technological innovation, and process management expertise to uniquely solve operational challenges.
Quantazone: Citi Bank Logo
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