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Deploy a complete web-serving stack with Quantazone Cloud

From redundant cloud regions to high-bandwidth connectivity via subsea cables, every aspect of our infrastructure is designed to deliver your services to your users, no matter where they are around the world.

WordPress hosting on Quantazone Cloud ensures maximum performance, security, & high-availability.
Static & Dynamic Websites

Host static and dynamic websites in the cloud with Click to Deploy or customized solutions with easily scalable resources


Deploy your favorite language, framework, a development stack featuring Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, and PHP

Accelerate your transformation with Preferred Cloud Providers

Quantazone Cloud and our partners offer flexible infrastructure modernization approaches from rehost to replatform. Once built, you can leverage the innovation we’ve built into our technology—from AI to streaming analytics.
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Solve your toughest security challenges with KVM Hypervisor implementation & resource management for a dedicated server experience.
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Our managed AWS cloud hosting allow developers, agencies & ecommerce businesses to build & scale their web applications with complete peace of mind.
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Google Cloud
Google Cloud’s security model, world-scale infrastructure, and unique capability to innovate will help keep your organization secure and compliant.

Have complete peace of mind with our Free Migration

We’ll move your first website to Quantazone Cloud from any web hosting server for FREE (without breaking your live site hosted on the old host), so you don’t have to worry about migration complexities and technicalities.

Hosting servers nearest to your Desired Location

We offer 60+ data-centers worldwide backed by Quantazone Cloud, Google and Amazon. Choosing a web hosting server nearest to your targeted audience reduces latency and improves page load time.
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Powering 200,000+ Web Professionals Globally

We aim to empower our users with the right solutions so they can move their dreams forward.
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