5 Things You Should Know About Having A Server Certificate.

A server certificate is a certificate used to secure communication between the server and the clients.

It follows a constant process of encoding and decoding in the relay information from the server to the client or the other way around. Both the server and the client send encrypted data. It decodes data for comprehension at both ends. These SSL certificates are very small in size and comprise of an organization-specific cryptographic key. This key authenticates the user who accesses the web server and establishes a secure connection. Thereby, providing for a secure method of communication.

Two-level Authentication:

To successfully communicate with the server, it requires two keys: a private key and a public key. With the public key the message encrypts however, it can make no sense of this message. This is why the private key is needed to unlock the message. It is essential to ensure that it maintains a root certificate issued from a Certified Authority at the end user’s device.

Here are 5 things that you must keep in mind when getting a Server Certificate:
  • Server Certificates provide double security. The server authenticates information using a combination of two keys, private and public keys.
  • A very small percentage of sites are secure. Having an SSL certification is also proof of authentication because not all servers go in to buy an SSL certificate.
  • Authentication also improves ranking. All Search Engines tend to display results that are secure for the users. Authentication is one of the ways using which a search engine determines the authenticity of a website.
  • Ensures data integrity.

    It does not alter server certificates and double authentication guarantees that the data in the process. This is a result of the encryption of the data at either end of the communication channel.

  • Your server needs. Before going in for a server certificate, be aware of the needs of your server. Your need for a server certificate is to determine whether your server is a dedicated server or a shared host.

The above things are some of the basic perks of having a server certificate. To know more about getting a server certificate, check the website today. Furthermore, to get your server certificate or other web hosting services, check out our store.

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