A 360°
HR Solution

Crafted to build a happier workforce with our proven HR Software

Quantazone Cloud: Private Servers

Empower people to do their best work

We use this expertise to digitize human resources management and systems throughout your organizational operations to make the most efficient use of your company’s resources.
Simplify complex organizational work using highly customizable overviews
Comprehensive management tools to take charge of employee activities
Link your workforce with communication tools
Streamline payroll operations and pay your employees on time

Organize your workforce

Simplify complex organizational work using accessible and highly customizable overviews.
Centralized employee database
Streamline both your data collection and secure storage with our employee database management system.
Employee dashboard & self service
Eliminate the middle-man and give your people the autonomy to view and maintain their own records.

Start a structured onboarding process for new recruits with our HR Software

User access control
Keep records confidential by defining role-level access for employees and managers.
Quantazone Cloud: HR Software

Manage leave & attendance

Comprehensive management tools to take charge of employee activities.
Quantazone Cloud: HR Software
Performace managament & appraisal
You can tag the skills required for various jobs and allow employees to highlight their own skill sets.
Leave & attendance management

Set your organization’s hours, track your employee attendance, and make your payday stress-free.

If you’re not sure of your growth statistics, then this report is just for you.
Shift scheduling
From shift swaps to schedule changes and everything in between, the notification center will help your employees stay in the loop.

Connect with the resources

Link your workforce with communication tools of our HR Software

Real time collaboration & live feedback
Reviews shouldn’t be an once-yearly thing. Let employees review their peers, and be reviewed by them, all through the year.
File sharing

A huge part of HR is document management. Company policies, handbooks, offer letters, contracts… the list never seems to end.

Agents and employees can check the status of all queries–open, in-progress, closed, pending or on-hold.
Mobile access

Do more on the go. Native apps for iOS and Android keep you connected.

Quantazone Cloud: HR Software

Payroll experience redefined to be stress-free

Spend less time running payroll for your employees with our HR Software
Quantazone Cloud: HR Software
Automatic payroll calculation

Run payroll in a few clicks and automatically generate pay-slips online with a thorough breakdown of taxes, allowances, and deductions.

Share secured payslips online
Generate password-protected payslips and make them accessible online in a ready-to-download PDF format.
Embrace diverse salary structures
Create multiple pay slabs for your staff, leads, and managers and associate the right template with each employee.
Compliance & reporting
Get more details on how much your payroll costs and your tax liabilities.

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