VPS Hosting

Experience the VPS service with top of the line hardware & Pure SSD
  • VPS server hardening & Security bundle
  • IP blacklist & uptime monitoring
  • High-performance VPS hosting for all your infrastructure needs

Pure SSD

Gone are the days of SATA, our Virtual Hosting with pure SSD multiplies speed 10x & comes with hardware RAID enabled

99.99% uptime

Get seamless-unstoppable-uninterrupted performance. We ensure 99.99% uptime and never let downtime be a barrier to your growth

Application hosting

Get over 75 open-source scripts, host your WordPress, Joomla or Magento apps on high-performance VPS server

Unique performance

Our Virtual Servers provide an incomparable performance that gives better mileage to all our customers

Instant activation

We believe in delivering speed right from the start. Right from the moment you place an order & make a payment, your virtual server gets deployed within a matter of minutes

Scalable platform

Get scalable platforms to ensure smoother operations. Simply scale up or down your VPS Hosting as and when required

Deploy popular applications on our supercharged virtual servers with a single click.

High-performance Servers for Faster Websites & Applications

Get up and running instantly! Our servers are provisioned within a few minutes.

Questions? We got Answers!

VPS Hosting gives features of a dedicated server but without the price. You have complete access to your VPS including full root access to install any of your applications which is not possible on a shared hosting environment.

Yes, absolutely. You can use your VPS to host unlimited domains, you can install applications with root-access capabilities. With these capabilities, you can indeed customize your overall computing environment.

VPS Hosting is a private hosting environment where the users own the resources and full root access but in a business web hosting environment, the server resources are shared among all accounts on the server.