Why is cloud computing important?

Cloud computing is probably the foremost technological innovation of the 21st century. It has seen the fastest adoption into the mainstream than any other technology within the domain.

Cloud computing isn’t only for organizations and businesses; it’s also useful for the typical person also.

It enables us to run software programs without installing them on our computers; it enables us to store and access our multimedia content via the web, it enables us to develop and test programs without necessarily having servers then on. Cloud computing may be a 21st-century marvel that holds its importance in almost every field you’ll consider.

Cloud computing is effectively just taking stuff that was traditionally done onsite and moving it to a hosted environment with a structure around it that permits people to consume the servers on a usage basis. The technology behind cloud computing is basically almost allowing people to access information on their computers via a foreign data center or from a hosting environment elsewhere.

Why is Cloud Computing important?
Reduces Cost

Cloud computing helps in reducing a substantial amount of CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) & OPEX (Operational Expenditures) a corporation doesn’t get to invest in expensive hardware, storage devices, & software’s, etc. and you only have to pay for the resources you utilize.


Does your business experience fluctuate bandwidth requirements? Some months are busier, while others are not as intense. With cloud computing, managing resources is easier than ever. Simply pay for the resources you are using each month, and nothing more. Cloud storage and cloud VPS providers offer flexible packages, where you can easily add or decrease the amount of storage and bandwidth you are paying to use.

Increased Security

With cloud computing, everything you are accessing and saving is on the cloud. In case of loss/damage, the company interface is accessible through another device. And since all your documents save on the cloud, there is no concern about losing important documents because they were saved on a now lost or damaged laptop hard drive.

Since information is no longer contained on your physical hard drives or servers, it also becomes a lot harder for anyone to steal. With comprehensive encryption and login security system, company data is much safer with it.

Enhances productivity

Heard about work from anywhere, anytime? Thus, This has come from cloud computing technology. Lately, big companies boast this concept wherein the infrastructure allows the employees and business executives to work anytime, anywhere. This fosters a good environment for more collaboration within the organization. The ability to share information continuously and work on projects together can transform business processes in a big way. Workers can complete projects in real-time and share information with each other remotely.

Agility & Speed

Time is the most vital factor when it involves decision-making and execution. Cloud computing services have a really prompt and customer-centric SLA’s (Service Level Agreements). Cloud Service providers offer to 99.99% uptimes which ensures a continuous flow of business operations and executions.

The cloud is here, and it’s already transforming what percentage companies operate. Businesses could also be reluctant to vary up existing operations, but the advantages of the cloud mean the transition is worthwhile.

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