How to use LinkedIn as a Digital marketing tool?

LinkedIn is the most professional social media platform today. It is a huge avenue for companies and professionals to network. However, most people and numerous companies underestimate LinkedIn as a digital marketing tool. Given its wide reach in the professional world, it should be a part of every company’s marketing strategy. Here’s how you can you use LinkedIn to your benefit-

1. Your Profile

Just like any other social media site, you need to keep updating your profile. One simple rule for LinkedIn- What goes around comes around! Therefore it is important for you to follow relevant people and pages in order to stay relevant

1.1 Status updates–

Keep your connections informed about your professional updates. Why is this important? 1) It keeps your profile up-to-date. 2) Most importantly, it helps your connection see that your are relevant to the industry.

1.2 Post your accomplishments–

LinkedIn is a great platform to showcase what you have achieved. It is a bigger avenue to display your resume or company profile. For instance, if your company organised a successful workshop or a webinar, share it with your connections.

1.3 Share–

Thirdly and most importantly, share as much about your professional activities, events, workshops, as you can! This will help to not only gain likes and views, but also valuable feedback from members of the same industry and your target customers.

These are some basic steps to enhance your LinkedIn profile. Above all, share relevant content that is able to pull traffic to your website. Instead of sounding too desperate and pushy, keep things genuine. The more honest and “human” you and your company appear, the more positive reactions you will receive.

2. Enhance your visibility on LinkedIn

LinkedIn mainly provides you a platform to network and form meaningful professional connections. This can be achieved by making use of community features which will give your company more visibility and help attract meaningful and relevant professional relationships.

2.1 Company Pages

These pages are a useful source of learning what is happening in your industry. For instance-  what are the competitors doing, identify potential clients, post new jobs and share information about your company’s products.

2.2 Groups

LinkedIn allows you to create groups or become a part of existing groups which add value to your domain of knowledge and expertise. This is a great way to learn new things about your industry and find relevant connections that may be interested in your business.

2.3 Share your knowledge

Actively engage with your connections by asking questions, answering other’s questions, initiating conversations or offer your specialised knowledge to those who need help. The more you engage with your connections, instead of desperately trying to sell your products, the more you will be a trusted and valuable resource in the industry.

3. Marketing on LinkedIn

Now that your LinkedIn profile is up and ready to attract new connections, you can follow the following steps to make full use of LinkedIn for marketing your business:

3.1 LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn provides analytics tool which shows how your content is performing. In addition, it also helps to gauge where you stand as compared to your competitors. This way, you can improve and optimise your content in accordance to your own performance and competitors’ performance. In other words, it enables you to write targeted and relevant content for your specific target audience.

3.2 LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a great avenues to place your company advertisements. This is a paid service, so if your company has the resources, this can prove to be an effective tool to promote and advertise your company to a wide audience. See the benefits of advertising on Social media.

3.3 Reach out

LinkedIn is a great platform to build a vast network of connections, which makes reaching out to potential customers and clients easier.

Following these few best practices, one can easily make use of plethora of benefits offered by LinkedIn as a digital marketing tool. Use it to attract more traffic to your website and gain foothold as an industry expert.

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