Is Digital marketing related to Inbound marketing?

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is another word for internet marketing. Thus, it is used to reach customers with the use of the internet. This can be achieved through some main categories such as; emails, social media, videos, and search engines.

Videos reached the marketing platforms through social media like FacebookYoutube, and most importantly TikTok. Also, emails as such are different from spam. They are only used to get in touch with potential customers.

How digital marketing is different than traditional marketing?

Long before 1990, we used traditional marketing. It included tangible items such as newspaper, magazines. In addition to commercial items, like radio, television, brochures, and many more. However, with the creation of technology, traditional marketing is becoming to fade.

We can not deny that the year 2020, made a huge uplift to digital marketing from the Covid-19 pandemic. Experts affirmed that it was one of the most influential years that has passed during this era.

Let’s introduce inbound marketing:

First of all, inbound marketing is simply like one click away from reaching out to the customer’s very own need. Usually, it is less interesting to customers when ads pop up suddenly. Starting from watching a video to interrupted emails and site sponsorship. Nevertheless, as being stated before, inbound marketing is the complete opposite.

Thus, it allows customers to reach exactly what is being looked for. We can achieve this with the simplest forms. Those basic forms are:

  • It optimizes search engines.
  • It Analyzes any weakness and helps its solution to attain.
  • Helps leverage business’s content.
  • It attracts the leads who are most likely interested.
  • Engage with customers by listening to reviews, feedback, and comments.
  • And what’s the best of them all? It is much less costly.
Inbound Marketing Strategies to help your business
1. Picture and Video advertising:

Inbound marketing provides creative liberty. All text advertising approach is already existing in traditional marketing. One should take  advantage of digital platform and use innovative video and photography to market your product or services. These forms are engaging and provides better response.

2. Informative blogging:

Blogs and blogging are the most unique tool of inbound marketing. This helps you to write about interesting topics and information that you as a company know and you share it out with the world. This way some people can find you based on your article and be interested in your company.

3. Optimize keywords:

Everyone by now know the power of digital presence, but in the race of being on digital platform one neglects some important algorithms of the platform. Keyword search is one of them. To be on top of the search engine you should have those keywords which you would like to use for targeting your content.

Are they related?

Both, digital marketing and inbound marketing strive for the same goals. These goals are to attract customers, engage in their needs, and connect with them online. However, it is not completely relatable but partially.

How so?

Well, we use digital marketing, for example, brand awareness which is mainly for short-term goals. On the other hand, inbound marketing stresses more on qualified leads to attain long term goals.

In my own opinion, both marketing types are beneficial, but each differs depending on the business’s requirements.


With this we have provided our view and tactics for you to know the difference about two marketing styles that is traditional and inbound. Its great if you know and use both of them equally in your benefit.

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