Benefits of Advertising on Social Media

There’s no debate that every business needs a strong social media presence. Most companies do regularly post on at least one social media channel. And social media is a great way for a company to establish its brand. Also to reach out to new leads, promote content, and engage with customers. Social media advertising campaigns bring numerous advantages to showcasing products and services. 

Social Ads have quickly become a highly effective method for starting conversions. The advantages of Social Ads are offered in order to provide businesses with better brand recognition. Ads can be linked to any one of a company’s networks within the world of social media.

Most people still don’t know the benefits of advertising on social media. Why should you pay Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. or any social media platform to advertise when they can post content on them for free?

What are Social Media Ads?

A Social Ad is an ad that is advertised using social media platforms. Generally speaking, they contain a title and a description. And are also accompanied by some sort of multimedia element. For example a picture, video, or infographic. At any rate, within this description should be a call to action. This will grab a user’s attention and invite them to interact with your business, product, or service.

You can publish a Social Ad in many different formats. This depends on the social media platform in which the ad is posted. Even though there are many different ways to create an ad, don’t steer too far away from the manner in which ads are published on search engines. The primary differences reside in the fact the general public is online. And that one can generate better branding simply by the association with a specific company page on a given social network.

Benefits of Social Media Advertising:
1) More Control Over Your Ads:

With traditional advertising, the problem is that you can not control the outcome once your ad goes live. With social media advertising, you have control over the campaign. You can tweak the budget, creatives, targeting, and delivery on the go. This gives marketers a better sense of control and provides multiple opportunities to optimize the campaign on the fly.

2) Innovative Ad Formats:

The social media advertising landscape is constantly evolving. New targeting capabilities and ad formats are frequently introduced. Carousel ads, lead gen ads, canvas ads, etc. did not existent a few years back, but brands now largely rely on these ad formats. This innovation allows marketers to experiment and iterate. Also, different ad formats support different goals.

3) Reach Qualified Customers:

You know who your customers/buyers are. It’s not feasible for brands operating on a small budget to spend a large amount of money on running paid campaigns. Social media allows you to run ads to a specific segment of your audience. Using features such as custom audience or remarketing, you can run ads that are visible exclusively to customers that are aware of your brand and need only a nudge to buy from you. Oftentimes, social media advertising is that nudge.

4) Boost Conversion Rates:

Every business is trying to optimize its conversion rate. They implement various growth hacks to do just that. An alternative to boosting conversion rates is social media advertising. Designing social media ads that tell users what to expect on the following landing page to increases conversion rates.

5) Sophisticated Tracking Mechanism:

Social media advertising tracks every single impression, click, and conversion on your ads. This tracking mechanism quashes the need for the spray-and-pray approach, where your actions are often based on your intuition. Social media advertising thrives on data; therefore, you have to guide the decisions by what’s working and not by your gut feelings.

Conclusion :

Social media advertising is a rapidly evolving field, with newer and more effective ways to target and influence your audience. Visit Quantazone to know more about social media marketing/ advertising.

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