Why and how to combine your PR and SEO strategies

The aim of digital PR and SEO is to improve brand reputation, credibility, reach, and revenue. Some businesses think that both of these strategies can never be used together. Several professional SEO services have suggested that combining both strategies can provide maximum results for businesses.

For digital PR (public relations), businesses collaborate with PR agencies, influencers, bloggers, and journalists. This is to build brand awareness and enhance its outreach.

For SEO (search engine optimization), businesses usually seek the help of an SEO agency. This is to boost website traffic and gain a higher ranking on search engine result pages (SERP).

Align your PR and SEO strategies

To blend digital PR and SEO, you have to start by aligning their strategies to complement each other. For example, SEO analytics can be used for better digital PR strategy development. Whereas PR connections can be used to improve overall SEO strategies.

You need to encourage your SEO and PR teams to work together. They will need to work on informative and appealing content that can be easily optimized with high-volume keywords. If your teams find this process difficult, then you can hire digital marketing companies. They will help you in aligning your PR and SEO strategies for maximum results.

Aligning both strategies will ensure that your digital marketing campaigns are more organized. And it will also portray a better picture of your brand.

The benefits of combining PR with SEO:

Incorporating PR into your SEO strategy will have extremely positive effects on website promotion. It attracts influential people to a company and creates online visibility. SEO and PR together allow you to:

  • Improve positioning of content on search engines
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Build trust in your company
  • Boost sales

Combining quality public relations with SEO will get you mentions on third party sites. It will also help you gain visibility while managing your online reputation.

How to combine PR and SEO?

If you are wondering how a combination of digital PR and SEO can be effective for your digital marketing, here are some tips that you can use to successfully combine both these strategies for better results:

1) Create brand awareness on social media:

You need exposure to increase your outreach. If people become familiar with a brand, they start connecting with it and gradually end up liking it. Social media plays an important role in increasing your brand’s exposure in different areas.

You can use your PR strategies to connect with your audience on different social media platforms. And educate them about your brand in a casual yet informative way. Simultaneously, you need to use SEO to include relevant keywords, links, and hashtags in your content.

2) Aligning messages and stories:

Always ensure that your messaging is consistent and clear across your business. Since multiple teams manage your outreach, you are bound to have multiple stories coming out around the same time.

Make sure that you are putting out the same theme of content and not mixing messages. And also make sure that you are not promoting two different things at the same time. You can keep a content calendar that aligns with business priority and seasonality.

3) PR and SEO need influencers:

If you make connections with influencers it can be very useful for both SEO and PR. Using an influencer to share content is a foolproof strategy to promote your business and increase your domain authority. An influencer impacts a large number of people. They have the power to convince and persuade people. By building a relationship with an influencer you will get quality links from their content. And also from future contacts on the various social networks.

4) Optimizing links in earned coverage:

Your SEO team should help your PR team to optimize the links in all of their earned media coverage. Things like company press releases or non-paid stories. SEO can help choose links that have keywords that need a ranking boost. They can also make sure PR is pulling the right URL to link to. But just getting links within PR coverage is not that important. SEO should also make sure any links from paid sponsorships are no-followed to avoid any search engine penalty.

5) Create good content:

Your content should feature a great headline, plenty of sources, and links to back up what you’re talking about. When you have all this, you can combine SEO and PR to create an outreach campaign to blogs and media outlets to earn the best links. You can also create an outreach strategy to link to something on your own blog so that people are linking directly to you, rather than another site that features your content.


It is interesting how PR and SEO have evolved over the years. Though they were once separate marketing tactics, they now overlap in a big way. To combine PR with SEO, you need to have a solid strategy and know which direction you want to take. At Quantazone we will help you create the perfect SEO strategy to take your business to the next level.

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