How is Website Personalization useful?

Website personalization is that the art of offering an exclusive one-on-one custom made experience to your online visitors once they land on your site. You customize their experience supported their past purchases, their geography or behavior during a manner that serves multiple business purposes – higher customer satisfaction, longer visit duration, boosted site visits, lower bounce rate, better conversions, and an improved brand reputation.

Why Website Personalization Is Important?

Consumers’ expectations have shifted to the purpose that folks expect a private digital experience that mirrors the standard level of personalization they receive offline. Many have grown accustomed to personalized experiences from their news feed, social network, and shopping recommendations.

In fact, expectations have risen so high that companies who want to enhance their products are changing their strategy to deal with this need directly. Many business and technology leaders name personalization as a top commerce technology investment priority.

Why do businesses need personalization?
Understand online audience

Undertaking a personalization strategy means you’ll gain valuable insight into the audience engaging with your site every day. Advance your understanding by discovering your most visiting industries, and how they interact with online content. Obtain information surrounding website behavior trends and visitor preferences, allowing your team the best chance of optimizing website performance.

Optimized Landing Pages

Your website’s landing pages are typically a visitor’s first interaction together with your brand’s identity. They represent what’s in store for the visitors. Adding a customized touch to such pages like addressing your visitors by their name, or greeting them “Good Morning” at the acceptable time of the day in their native language won’t only impress them but also make your website stand out.

Increased website conversion

Offering business website visitors personalized content creates a powerful user experience, streamlining their online journey by leading them towards tailored calls to action meeting their business requirements and needs. This has been proven to drastically increase your website conversion, producing more high-quality, engaged business opportunities. This also reduces your bounce rate. Thus, ensuring as many visitors as possible remain engaged with your site and discover an effective call to action. Those using website personalization have seen a 93% increase in their website conversion rate.

Better Converting Calls to Action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a great way to move things along in the buying process. But its value extends beyond simply initiating a final conversion. A good CTA can encourage someone to read a blog post, take a survey, start a free trial, or watch a demo. Regardless of what kind of CTA you implement, you are going to want to personalize it.

Improved Customer Loyalty

It’s human nature to want to spend time with people who treat you right. We all value high caliber service, and it’s a big part of what makes humans brand loyal.

Web personalization works the same way. When you use every tool at your disposal to form your site experience warm, welcoming, and individualized, you’ll boost customer loyalty. Research shows that 79% of consumers only consider brands that show they care about them.

Improved return on investment

Return on investment is vital for success. The increased conversion rate accompanying a personalized website experience provides your business with additional opportunities to close new business. The quality and quantity of leads gained from this customized strategy has improved sales pipeline movement for many businesses; it’s been discovered that customizing your homepage alone can increase sales activity by 10%.

Those conducting a fully personalized website experience have seen average order value increase also, promoting a consistent and healthy ROI.

In today’s highly competitive online market landscape, being personal, timely, and relevant is the key to making your brand stand out as well as prove to customers that you have the right products and services for them.

Web personalization is not just another technology that you can experiment with, it’s a branch of knowledge that empowers you to effectively and efficiently connect with your customers, engage with them, improve your cross-channel marketing strategies and increase ROI to manifold.

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