How to increase your website traffic?

Growing a website takes time. It takes consistent sharing of great content for months and months on end. Usually, it takes most of the people about two years to urge big. This means that your growth is slow and steady even as the traffic coming to your site is slow and steady.

While that strategy will work, it’s always nice to urge an enormous jump in traffic every once in a while.

Feeling overwhelmed by the infinite options for driving traffic to your website? You’re not alone.

This article doesn’t list every traffic strategy under the sun.

Instead, it lists the tactics we use at Quantazone.

Take advantage of your email list

With numerous new content marketing strategies out there today, it is often tempting for brands to forgo the normal approaches.

But email marketing must be a part of your advertising foundation. Over the years, email marketing has withstood the test of your time.

Because email is usually inexpensive, it delivers a high ROI per dollar spent.

Email marketing is also extremely versatile. There are many alternative ways for brands to leverage their email subscribers.

One of those methods includes driving more traffic to your website. Encourage your email subscribers to share your content with their friends and family.

As a result, you can generate leads from new website visitors as well as your current subscribers.
Plus, email marketing software makes it easy for you to track and analyze the efficiency of your email campaigns. If you see a spike in website traffic, you’ll be able to know exactly where it came from without making assumptions.
Take advantage of those analytics. Make sure you’re tracking the source of the latest traffic so you’ll measure the effectiveness of every email you send.

This will also show you how you’re getting new leads.

Write guest posts

Guest blogging may be a tactic where you write for other blogs. In return, the editor/site owner will usually allow you to link back to your site.

The benefits include:

  • More referral traffic;
  • More backlinks (which correlate with rankings);
  • Increased brand awareness

Here’s an example of a guest post that I recently did for SmartBlogger:

The biggest challenge with guest blogging is finding blogs that are willing to simply accept your guest posts.
To circumvent this issue, most SEOs use Google search operators to seek out sites with “write for us” or “become a contributor” pages.

Increase your social media presence

In this day and age, your company can’t afford to ignore social media.

Across the world, social media usage has been increasing at a rapid rate for the past decade approximately. Just take a look at the user growth across social networks worldwide:

Having a Facebook profile isn’t enough anymore. You need to form sure you’ve got a lively presence on other platforms also, such as:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat

Do more than just create a profile. Post content on a daily basis.

Try your best to get more followers. Create posts that encourage engagement. Respond directly to your followers to entice communication.

These actions make it much easier for you to generate new leads.

Just because someone follows your brand on social media doesn’t mean they visit your website. But now, you’ll post links to your social pages with the intention of driving traffic on to your website.

Constantly posting links will increase the probabilities of you getting a rise in clicks and traffic.

Produce video content

Consumers want more videos from brands.

That’s why 87% of marketers produce video content online. Videos yield a 157% increase in organic search traffic also.

Furthermore, 46% of consumers act after watching a video advertisement.

Give the people what they want. Your business should have a YouTube channel set up, and you need to add new videos to it on a regular basis.

You don’t get to spend a fortune to supply video content. It’s easy to create and edit your videos in-house.
People would rather watch a video a few products than examine it. This is the top reason why marketers say video content helped them increase website traffic.

I get really excited just talking about all of those tactics which will drive traffic to your site because they’re the tactics that anybody can use.

As I’ve tried to point out you throughout this text, they’ve been employed by people effectively. Quantazone has used them for themselves as well as for clients and so we know they work.

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