How is digital marketing helpful for manufacturing businesses?

Blog How is digital marketing helpful for manufacturing businesses

Every industry is striving to form its presence felt on digital media. In years to come, having an online presence will not remain an option but become a necessity. Thus, manufacturing businesses also have to have an online presence.

Unlike traditional marketing which only a few could afford, Digital marketing is open for all. Digital Marketing creates a level ground for companies to compete with bigger players. There are avenues to advertise within any budget. The return on each advertising dollar spent is often tracked and accordingly, campaigns are often changed or altered.

Here are a couple of the web marketing strategies we recommend for manufacturing businesses:

1. Google Ads

2. Content Marketing

3. Email Marketing


You are most likely familiar with the text ads that appear at the top of Google’s search results. This golden territory continues to be a number of the simplest turf on the web. If you work out the proper keywords your prospective buyers are likely using to seem for equipment or products you manufacture and have a compelling ad for them to click on, you have a conversion!

An essential part of running a results-oriented Google Ad campaign is to have the keywords, the ad, and the website landing page you are sending them to sync to each other and to the searcher’s intent.


Want to get found in Google or Bing organic search results? Well, be prepared to invest in developing a solid content plan and writing new compelling customer focused content on a consistent basis.

When I say consistent, I mean at least one to two blog posts per month.

You should also consider sharing your content on your social media pages. However, if you want to get more of your target market to see the social posts, set aside about $100/month for boosting posts on LinkedIn or Facebook, for example. Organic views have dropped drastically on social media platforms, but you don’t necessarily need to spend a great deal to see good results when you pay to increase post visibility.


A manufacturing company sending emails to customers and leads? That’s right; email is still one of the most effective ways to reach your target market and keep your customers informed of your new or updated products and where you are going as a company.

You can also solicit feedback from them by including a short survey in an email. Since many manufacturing companies attend trade shows, it is also an excellent thanks to leverage the contacts you meet and provides you a tool to follow-up with them on an ongoing basis. According to the Content Marketing Institute, email is that the favorite way manufacturers distribute content.

Thus, whichever field it may be digital marketing is ruling over it all. Many companies (like Quantazone) specialize in providing digital marketing support to manufacturing businesses. You can hire such companies and get support from an idea to your website and henceforth its marketing.

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