How to ensure web security using SSL? Know how SSL is an Effective Protection Layer!

Blog How to ensure web security using SSL Know how SSL is an Effective Protection Layer

SSL or Secure Socket Layer Certificates are becoming an online standard. In fact, there are a very few websites which do not use SSL or HTTPS for protecting our information.

They are small data files that digitally bind cryptographic keys to an organization’s details. They have a key pair: public key and private key. Both of the keys work together to establish an encrypted connection.

Getting a this certificate is very easy. You can create a Certificate Signing Request on your server and receive a certificate. Once you do that, your website will have a host of benefits, and the visitors can trust your site to keep their data secure. SSL certificates is not only important for security, but it can also impact your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SSL Certificates have become a necessity if you are going to run a Successful Website which is safe for your users

Why should we use SSL?

We use SSL to send sensitive information across the internet in an encrypted format such that only intended recipients can access it. Besides encryption, they also provide authentication. This means you can be sure that whatever information you are sending is sent to the right server.

SSL provides a large number of benefits, some of them are listed below:

1) It helps in boosting Search Engine Rankings

Google confirmed that websites with an SSL certificate would get an advantage in the Search Engine Result pages(SERPs). If there are two similar sites, the site with an SSL certificate will be given advantage over the other.

Even some of the browser warn users about whether the website they are accessing is using certificates or not, which might lead to some people stepping back from accessing the website.

If you want users to trust you with their personal information, or buy something from you, there needs to be some level of trust. These days, many people prefer to make purchases from websites containing SSL certificate, and for a great reason.

2) Building trust with the audience

If you want users to trust you with their personal information, or buy something from you, there needs to be some level of trust. These days, many people prefer to make purchases from websites containing SSL certificate, and for a great reason.

There are many other sources which can tell about how secure a website is but SSL send a pretty strong signal that you care about your users and ensure their security and privacy.

An SSL certificate makes it necessary for all the net businesses to support the 128-bit secret writing nominative. With this in place, you’ll guarantee safer mastercard payments to all or any your guests. Hence, this comes as a non-negotiable instrument for payment gateways.

3) Prevent Phishing Attacks

If someone created an identical copy of your website, and lured users to it. An unsuspecting visitor entered their login credentials or credit card data there, the attackers would be able to steal it.

This type of online phishing attempt is very common. Copied websites won’t share the same URL as your site. However, many users might miss that detail. After all, how often does anyone scrutinize a website’s address bar after visiting it?

These let users believe that your website is the real deal. This means that when people see the certificate validation in their browser, they know they can trust your website. It’s a quick and easy way for visitors to reassure themselves that your site is not a phishing scam.

Is SSL really important for your website?

In my opinion, yes it is really important as it ensures a secure environment for the visitors which in turn helps in increasing the business and also in building trust.Businesses which work by putting themselves in the shoes of customers are benefited as they are prompted to install SSL certification. Many companies like Quantazone provide you with plans related to performance and security starting at just $15/month, thus helping you to provide a secure environment to your visitors.

“SSL Security an Effective Protection Layer”

Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is a technology that encrypts data between a server and a client. With harmful threats and increasing hackers. SSL security acts as an important layer of online protection. It is a helpful factor for both you and the visitors to your website.

Netscape originally developed it in 1995. The purpose to create was to ensure privacy, authentication, and data honesty in Internet space. Thus SSL works to safeguard sensitive information such as credit card numbers or login credentials over the public Internet.

What is the key to SSL security?
  • The first and the most important key aspect to get hold of SSL is SSL certificate. For SSL to protect websites, they need a certificate which issues a certification authority. The certificates get stored and displayed on the website’s server.
  • We also call an SSL certificate the website’s public key, it makes encoding possible. Through SSL, a user’s device checks and views public key to establish safe encoding keys with the webserver. Meanwhile, the web server provides a secret private key. The private key helps to decode the data first encoded with the public key.
  • It is a valid SSL certificate that provides recognition to the user’s web browser. It enables identity assurance and establishes a secure connection.
  • By ensuring that security information is accommodated well in online transactions, SSL security plays a crucial role in achieving security conformity. Especially for organizations involved in processing sensitive information such as card payment data or personal health data.
What is the need for SSL security?
  • SSL acts as the biggest shield in protecting your customer data. SSL certificates are needful to protect the identity of your users, as well as other sensitive information such as their transaction details. It makes sure that it passes through a secure connection. This Prevent hackers from gaining access to the data and probably stealing a user’s identity or payment details.
  • SSL also makes sure that any data transferred between users, sites, or two systems remain impossible to read throughout the process. Thus by using encryption algorithms to confuse data in transit. They restrict hackers from reading it while it’s sent over the connection.
  • SSL has also become a key aspect of upgrading your SEO. World-renowned search engines have announced that SSL certificates help in making up a good part of the search engine ranking algorithm. Therefore, warning users if a website is not secure. This can prevent sales and harm one’s reputation.
  • Nowadays, over 40% of search results on the first page of Google have an SSL certificate. Google encourages users to have SSL and provides a significant ranking boost to those who do.

More and more consumers are continuing to shop online. Along this cyber risks continue to develop. Cyber risk is a sensitive concept which needs special care because it harms both the parties and is likely to increase. Understanding the SSL certificates to look for, what makes it a safe site, and potential risks will help consumers avoid scams and protect personal data from cybercriminals.

With all the above aspects, it’s pretty now clear that SSL is a really important aspect of not only your website’s good profile but also in building a trust factor between you and your potential customer.

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