How to help your business grow using ERP?

Quantazone blog: How to help your business grow using ERP
What is enterprise resource planning?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a type of software that organizations use to manage their day-to-day business activities such as manufacturing, finance, HR, services, sales, customer support, procurement, supply chain, and many others. It is a unified solution that provides applications that can be customized. At its most basic level, it integrates these processes into a single system.

How is it implemented?

There are 3 steps for implementation :

1] Firstly, we build a prototype for the company and install the software.

2] Secondly, training sessions are provided to everyone where they are given lessons on how to work with the installed IT.

3] Finally, the model of the software is finalized and then it goes live.

What are the benefits of enterprise resource planning?

Efficiency – The efficiency and productivity of the entire team improve. Enterprise resource planning software automates your core business processes consequently helping everyone in your organization do more with fewer resources.

Customizing – You can customize what you wish to keep and what you don’t wish to pay for. It, therefore, allows you to work and pay for what you want to use. Therefore, you not only save a lot of money but also a lot of space for uploading more data.

Improved reporting – It is used in financial reporting, to easily share results, act on insights and improve performance in real-time.

Simplify IT – By using enterprise resource planning software applications that share a database, you can simplify IT, therefore, this gives everyone an easier way to work.

New opportunities – With efficient operations and ready access to real-time data, you can quickly identify and therefore react to new opportunities.

Data Space – Above all one of the benefits of it is that it saves you a lot of space by integrating the functions of various different software.

Security -As a result of the single input system, it maintains good security. Therefore, it cannot be easily hacked into, thanks to the system being on-premise and cloud-based.

Do you need it?

Most businesses start out by using a variety of simple, stand alone tools to manage the different processes, for example, excel spreadsheets. Moreover, enterprise resource planning sure does come with a wide range of benefits but do you actually need it? Must you choose it for your business and will your business benefit from it? Here are a few questions you should ask yourself :

1) Are you spending more time on daily activities?

If it is taking a long time to manage daily activities, then enterprise resource planning software will integrate solutions and data into one system with a common interface, hence making it easier for you and your employees to communicate and do jobs effectively. 

2) Do you have unanswered questions about your inventory or day to day progress?

Enterprise resource planning software helps you answer important questions about your business. For example, your purchase orders, revenue per product line, taxes and number of returns. Lack of access to metrics and segregated systems may be holding you back, enterprise resource planning software id used to address these issues.

3) Are you spending a lot of time gathering information? Is that affecting your decision-making abilities?

Maybe its harder for you to manage your inventory, keep costs in check or satisfy your customers. Hence you need the ERP software to restructure your business processes to accommodate growth and changing priorities.

4) Do you have manual processes with multiple data sets?

If most of your departments are using their own applications and processes to get things done, chances are that you are spending too much time on duplicate data entry. When information is not able to flow between systems, reporting takes longer and errors happen more often. Therefore, decision making is hampered.

5) Is there a lot of manual work in the business? Are you missing out on new opportunities?

Are you spending too much time on manual work in your business? Hence, can’t pursue exciting new opportunities? Newer enterprise resource planning systems make the work automated and include advanced, intelligent capabilities, like predictive analytics and machine learning, that make it easier to identify and capitalize on profitable new ventures.

6) Are you unable to access important data when you are away for instance through your mobile?

Mobile ERP gives you the opportunity to enter relevant and timely data into the system through your mobile. Finally having mobile capabilities can also lead to better customer service, greater productivity, and improved data capturing.

7) Are you worried about data security?

It is very important to protect the data in your company, an integrated enterprise resource planning system will harden the security protocols and increase management control at the same time.


There is no doubt that ERP truly helps you work smart and not hard. It reduces complications like eradicating the use of different software products at different points of time.

The ERP trends today heavily revolves around cloud enterprise resource planning software. Its market value is growing by the day and by the year 2022, we will see a massive increase. It is only upwards and beyond from there.

We at Quantazone, understand your requirements and provide an easy to use enterprise resource planning software. Which helps you to manage your company resources effectively and efficiently