How to Select The Right Domain Name for Your Business

Quantazone blog: How to select right domain name for your business

Let’s say for example you set yourself to find out the online presence of your favorite brand or business. The first thing you will have in mind is how easily accessible the website of that concerned brand is. How early the website pops up on google? How easy it is to memorize the online identity of a well-known and a popular brand?

All this leads to selecting an appropriate domain name for your particular business or service. One may ask about why is it so important to have an effective domain name for your business. It is vital because this name acts as an identity of any particular business and it gives an idea of the services that the business provides. Having a weak name leads to lower ranking of your website on google and it also affects your SEO.

Following are the tips regarding selecting an easy and efficient domain name.

1) Choosing a simple Name :

Domain names that are needed to be selected should be kept direct and to the point. It should be able to summarize about your business in the shortest and the easiest possible way. Names selected should be easy to remember for users to find your business online with ease. Selection of Domain names should be unique in its own way for your business to stand out among others.

Considering keywords relevant to your business should help boost your ranking on google search. When this, make sure that your domain name is clear and concise.

2) Checking for your Domain name availability and extension :

It is important to check whether your selected name is available for hosting or not. There are a number of places to do your domain search. The most widely known and used names are the ones that end with .com which are also the easiest one to remember for the users. Domain names with .com as TLD showcase the investment and credibility of your business.

What if you don’t get the Domain name you want?

Since the .com extension is very common, there may be a case of you not getting the desired name for your business. In this case, try adding or removing words to your domain name for it to be unique. For example if your name is but it is not available, you may go with or whatsoever that suites your business. You could also choose names with extensions apart from .com namely .net, .edu ,.co and many more.

3) Trademarking your Domain name :

A lot of companies/businesses that have flourished greatly in the market have their sites and policies trademarked for the confinement of their techniques and processes. Trademarking your domain name is a good practice if your company is on the rise in the market as it keeps other competitors restricted from accessing your methods. Trademark provides legal action if a person or a business infringes your service.

4) Redirecting/Changing your domain name :

Suppose your company undergoes a change in its branding and processes factor. This leads to a need to generate a new domain name for the same. Redirecting names is a good practice in order to maintain the SEO of your website. This is a flexible option but is advisable.

Whenever there is an error when accessing a website (typically 404, 301, etc.) redirecting process makes sure that the user ends up in the right place. Redirecting to social media sites is a viable solution but is not long term.

5) Duration of purchase :

Various providers provide the freedom of duration of domain names in a varied range. It is upto the business for selecting the duration that is best suited for their enterprise.

Businesses that opt for a longer duration have the privilege of having discounts from the provider. This also restricts any competitors to buy your domain name from under you. Renewal of subscription to domain name is also avoided.

If your business is undergoing problems and you’re unsure about the future, a short duration is advisable with renewal on expiry.

6) Hosting your Website :

After finding the unique name of your website, it is time to host your website. Hosting is the process of connecting and establishing your website on the internet. A reliable hosting service provider is necessary for the proper functioning of the website. Once you decide your domain name, you can move to any hosting service provider.

Baring in mind all these steps, you are now ready to create your own domain name with confidence. Take your time, do your research and then pick your domain name before anyone else does!

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