Reasons why your website isn’t generating leads

Quantazone blog: Reasons why your website isn’t generating leads

The Website has many different elements on which we judge it. For example the content, quality, design, easy interface, multiple criteria’s and more. One needs to make sure their website has all the elements and if a visitor does not feel pleased then they might leave.

Your website traffic is the most important factor for which you have created this site. To keep your traffic coming back and to create a lead, you must check out the given below factors. For you to take into consideration, to generate excellent leads.

1. Insufficient content

With so many options available in one place, users take no hesitation in switching to another page. Hence users mostly come to look for something better. To keep your visitors engage it is truly important to have updated and well content to engage your leads.

Many a time’s small silly mistakes take you to bigger regrets. So make sure that there is no spelling or grammar error. Losing your leads due to this factor would be the last thing you want. Therefore always edit and check your content. Proper content brings engagement and makes your visitor interested in you.

Be direct and address the solution to the problem raised. Complicating and not sticking to the point might make your users lose interest.

2 . No calls to action

After coming to your landing page visitors read your content. Then you must give your visitors a reason to stick around on your page. You should be clear in what you are offering and want your visitors to go ahead. In simple words, we call this ‘Call to action’.

Call to action is an important tool that helps turn interested visitors into leads. There should be proper steps to guide users at every corner. From symbols like ‘subscribe now’ to ‘add to your cart’ to ‘read more related content’. Make sure these signs are direct and easily accessible. Also, make sure your Call to action should be the same on every platform.

3. Complicated landing pages and contact forms

Having a simple and engaging landing page should be your key element for the visitors to easily understand your offer and convert it into your customer. Provide a simple layout.

One should place a call to action on top and your contacts fill in details too, to generate leads.

By this, we mean to put the most important and beneficial elements on the top for your visitor to see and acknowledge it right away. Keep everything aligned, with minimal graphics. Your contact form shouldn’t be too needy of information, ask to the point and important things or your visitors might lose interest halfway.

Today websites have a cooler call to action where they show imagery (or video content) explaining your brand and offers. This proves to be very helpful in increasing your conversion rate.

4. Mobile-friendly

These days more and more consumers and businesses are using their mobile devices to shop, read articles and get in contact with service providers. so just because of not having a mobile-friendly website you are losing more than half of your customers to your competitors.

Nowadays, traffic comes from different devices like smart-phones and tablets. Without developing your website to be flexible across all of these devices, site visitors will be unable to interact with your website correctly.

Start with a flexible design on your website. This will ensure landing pages and contact forms load properly on multiple devices, including smart-phones and tablets. Develop your website to work well on all of the devices. Business owners should assure that any type of traffic monetizes successfully.

5. Your website doesn’t have a blog

It is important to generate leads with the website especially if you do not have any traffic coming to your site. A blog is an amazing way to get potential traffic and lead to your website each day. Blogs are an excellent way of getting ranks in search engines. This means you are more likely to get found by searchers who are looking for what you have to offer your services.

New and updated blogs with fresh content help promoting other channels. For example email and social media. This helps in driving traffic to your website. Your blog will act as the hub for the services you offer and calls to action, creating greater leads.


Here, in this blog, we discussed the top 5 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Generating Leads & Sale.

We hope this blog helped you. You can find many such helpful blogs from Quantazone. We want to provide more exposure and our view of the services we provide. Also, share the blog with your peers.

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