Sales enablement

Account-based marketing, lead generation, appointment setting, demand campaigns

Quantazone BFSI: Procure to pay | Order to cash | Record to report

Drive your sales with qualified business leads & meetings

We’ll help you build a solid lead generation process to capture the interest of your best buyers, develop them into warm prospects through nurturing, and create a faster route to sales

High-value contacts & accounts

Go after your ideal buyers. Leverage rich contact profiles and company insights to personalize and tailor your lead generation messaging and activities
Perfect timing, visibility across channels

Go beyond the spray-and-pray tactics of long ago. We make timely touchpoints across multiple channels so your offer reaches more customers
Qualified leads & sales appointments

Focus on building relationships and winning deals. Our team will handle the tasks of finding potential customers, qualifying leads, and setting appointments for you
Array of tools optimized for sales

Equip your revenue team with the proper tech stack to engage leads, manage sales appointments, and convert opportunities into customers

Account-based marketing

1. Contact

Compile a list of companies that match your target customer profile and profile key prospects and stakeholders within target companies

2. Connect

Connect with prospects across all channels using relevant communication media

3. Convert

Set and confirm appointments with the right people.

Multi-touch multi-channel marketing

Approach that turns prospects into qualified sales leads in half the time than it usually does


We initiate contact through targeted email – that is, having attention-grabbing subject lines, brief but precise body text and compelling calls to action, which almost always guarantees better open and reply rates. Thousands of initial and follow-up emails are sent via our email system — fully equipped with open and click tracking, and KPI reporting.


As a way to reinforce your branding, custom text and banner ads are uploaded to Google Adwords and displayed to your target prospects on Google-owned websites such as Gmail, YouTube, and Google Search, and Google network websites, such as popular news sites and blogs. Prospects that click on those ads and visit your website are identified and nurtured into leads via call and email.

We also create a dedicated landing page in conjunction with your campaign. Highlighting the main features and benefits of your product or service, the landing page is equipped with a web form to allow prospects to send in a contact request.


Social media feature allows the team to systematically scour the web for prospects whose profiles match those that are in the contact list. The client may also opt to have Quantazone send out messages to all connections made to maximize chances of generating leads.


To generate conversations and responses from prospects, we facilitate outbound calls – by analyzing email open and response times and other online activity, we make sure prospects that are most reachable at any given moment are moved to the top of the calling list, resulting to higher conversion rates for your campaign.


The chat software, installed on your website will allow your web visitors to talk to our team in real-time, allowing for quick conversion. Qualified prospects identified via chat sessions are entered into your Target List and appropriately tagged and nurtured via both manual and automated touchpoints.


Get your marketing running on all gears

By combining the power of our in-house campaign management platforms and the highly-rated sales and marketing software, we create a more seamless, end-to-end customer acquisition process to drive your sales and grow your revenue.