Shared Hosting to VPS how to migrate?

Quantazone blog: Shared hosting to VPS how to migrate?
A complete overview of migrating shared hosting to VPS

Generally, people start their first website by using shared hosting services. Every shared hosting plan has a control panel with it. Shared hosting has great user interfaces and they are easy to work with. Most people prefer it because it’s perfect for beginners. Sooner or later, everyone grows beyond their shared hosting account. When the online presence starts attracting more traffic they soon realize they need something more powerful, spacious.

However, when that time comes, the obvious choice simply switches from shared hosting to VPS hosting. A VPS is (virtual private server) or a dedicated server. When people do the switch, they don’t know what to expect and what do to. In this article, you will learn about the switch from shared hosting to a VPS.

1. VPS Hosting vs Shared Hosting:

With shared hosting, you and several other websites use the same server for hosting purposes. In shared hosting, one gets a different variety of readymade resources. In this case, instead of getting a personal server, you get an account on a server. The service provider will manage the resources, software, and applications. It is the job of the service provider to provide and maintain resources across all accounts on the server. Apart from the shared server, all accounts are private. Some of the greatest example for this is WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and more.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is one of the most popular hosting services available. With the use of virtualization technology, it provides dedicated resources to multiple users on a server. It is more secured than shared hosting. Therefore instead of just having an account on a server, you get your own dedicated server space.

There is service hosting providers who normally offer good hosting plans. In this way, you can discover the one that is ideal to meet your website’s needs.

2. Advantages to VPS hosting:

VPS hosting forms are the best combination of shared hosting with the added functionality of a dedicated server. Here are more benefits of migrating your shared hosting to VPS.

3. VPS works in a self-healing environment

VPS has its built-in self-healing features. So there is no need for manual intervention to deal with configuration issues. This helps in reconnecting automatic fail-over when there is a system failure. Even dedicated servers fail to offer this feature. But VPS is a hero in offering you a self-healing environment.

4. More storage and capacity

VPS offers more server resources like CPU, RAM, and storage compared to shared hosting. If your website is growing or you are just starting with a projection of growth VPS is the way to go. This way, VPS helps your site in handling higher traffic and store more data with little to no issues.

5. More freedom, performance, and speed

VPS lets you have total control over your machine. For instance, you can have full access, which allows you to modify your system more freely. VPS also gives you a dedicated IP, better stability, and performance. You do not have this luxury with shared hosting because one change to the server can affect all users.


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