Simple solutions for complex connections

Case study: Simple solutions for complex connections

“TARA RELAYS PVT. LTD” is the fastest-growing relay manufacturing company. Established in the early 2000s, our young and dynamic team of 175+ is the growth engine of the company. An ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, most of our products are RoHS compliant, and some have UL certifications. Tara Relays manufacture PCB relays, panel mounting relays, plug-in relays, latching relays, Potential relays, and auto relays.

They have a State-of-the art air-conditioned manufacturing set up. The core strength of the Tara is Design. They excel at the design and manufacturing of not just relays but also required Press tools and molds, production tools, and Automation. Tara relay’s design Complex High-speed precision tools and produce accurate components from their, in-house. And they also have automated winding, soldering, and assembly lines.

Tara Relays has been manufacturing various products. These products are being managed regularly. The problems they faced are 1. Did not have any proper way to showcase their products and make their product specifications accessible to their customers. 2. They wanted to have an online presence to maintain their brand identity. 3. They also wanted to have a CMS where they could manage their online product listings.

At first, we do a survey to find the initial online standing of Tara relays. After a discussion with their team, we make a work plan to improve its current status. Later on, we made a responsive website where we updated all the products and their information. We also created a CMS to help them manage the online product information on their own. By doing such things Tara Relays got its digital presence improved. They also found a way to showcase and manage their products online. We make regular updates to the website and product details for it to keep up with time.

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