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Hiring professional, quality staff with Quantazone will cost you a lot less than you think.

Boost productivity with high-performance outsourcing

Quantazone is the combination of extraordinary staff who work the manner in which you do, industry-driving development that keeps you in full control and conveys the most elevated levels of efficiency, a positive work culture that moves greatness, and a help group with the experience to get you the outcomes you need.

We work in partnership with your management team, hiring manager, or HR department to determine what you need to increase your capacity while maximizing your hiring budget.

Build your Team

Capital Markets  

Consulting, Technological Innovation, and Process management expertise

  • Trade Life Cycle Operations
  • Compliance & Surveillance
  • Collateral Management
Finance - Accounting  

Partnering with the accounting and finance experts can unlock significant value for your business

  • Procure to Pay
  • Order to Cash
  • Record to Report
Application Services

Reach and expertise delivering customized technology solutions to clients around the world.

  • Development
  • Cloud/automation
  • Data Management
  • Application Management
Infrastructure Services

Realizing critical business and IT performance goals, Quantazone has you covered

  • Technology Deployments
  • Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Networking
  • Data-center Operations
End-user Services

Gain asset visibility, empower efficient IT management quickly, and drive down costs

  • Service Desk
  • Desktop Support
  • ITSM Consulting & Process Improvement
  • Service Assessments
Creative Services
We create and deliver customer experiences that achieve excellent outcomes
  • UI/UX Design
  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design
Digital Marketing
We connect brands with their customers in the moments that matter
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Search Marketing

Run, and scale your online store with our highly productive eCommerce experts

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce

Add staff to grow your capacities

We help businesses to reduce their operational costs and streamline their business processes by providing professional full-time “staff in the cloud” at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment.

Be more competitive

Save up to 70% off traditional staffing costs and reduce staff management overheads with Quantazone in the present liquid business scene.

Develop your business

Quantazone staffing assists organizations with developing their labor force to satisfy their needs without the overheads of customary labor forces.

Save your time
Organization undertakings can burn-through a lot of your key staff’s time, keeping them from zeroing in on their center obligations.
What we do, what you do

You allot tasks to your team, set their work processes, cycles and Quantazone staffing will deal with all the other things even month-to-month expenses.

Fulfill the need

We assist organizations with developing giving them admittance to extraordinary staff for a portion of the expense of employing locally.

Remote work easier than ever

We use high-performing, innovative tools to remove the difficulties of working remotely which helps both our clients and resources.

Save on labor costs with Smarter Outsourcing

Quantazone Stafiing banner

Great people are at the heart of successful outsourcing. We find you the very best staff based on your role requirements and company culture, and manage almost all of the day-to-day needs of your teams including IT, HR and engagement. We help integrate your offshore workforce into your existing workforce and provide them with essential training and productivity tools.

  • Highly educated professional staff
  • Well spoken and written English
  • Flexible schedules and global time zone support
  • Fully supported (IT, HR, Payroll, Engagement)
  • Free ongoing training programs

We provide complete visibility and control of your team. You can monitor your staff’s activity in real-time and get reports.

  • Full visibility and control of your team
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Communication tools
  • Task management tools
  • Performance monitoring tools
  • Security and performance tests

Our technical team takes care of software installations, maintenance and upgrades. IT manages performance and monitors performance, ensuring maximum uptime.

We take security very seriously with extensive physical and data security measures as standard. All computers are installed with software for security, network, IP and software checks.

Quantazone has extensive business continuity planning in place to ensure that our customers are able to maintain operations with minimal disruption to their business.

  • Redundant high-speed connectivity
  • Backup environmental systems
  • Real-time staff location monitoring
  • Emergency contact systems

Your personal Account Manager is there to help you optimize your team and grow your business. They are your first port of call for any issues you may wish to raise with Quantazone. They will regularly meet with you to ensure your team is operating optimally and meeting your expectations.

  • Quarterly client performance meetings and KPI setting
  • Growth planning sessions
  • Ownership of issues raised and resolution tracking
  • Invoice inquiries and finance team followup

Quantazone Success Managers team are highly trained industry experts ready to help onboard your team members. In the first few weeks, they help you set up and establish the team’s cadence and establish your core KPIs.

  • Help set up your team’s regular tasks and suggest KPIs
  • Help configure management tools and interfaces

Build your team with Quantazone

Select your country

Select required roles & goals

How many staff do you need?

Well, you're almost finished.

Build your team with Quantazone

Select your country

Select required roles & goals

How many staff do you need?

Well, you're almost finished.