Standing up in front row in the online world

Case study: Standing up in front row in the online world

GIIAVA is a group of companies which span from de-oiling of lecithin, manufacturing of animal feed ingredients as well as the conversion of agricultural waste. They focus this group on adding value to agriculture and agriculture processing. The company GIIAVA is engaged in creating value addition processes for the edible oil industry and agriculture. They are currently one of the largest producers of de-oiled lecithin globally, with their de-oiling plants in Singapore and India.

GIIAVA was having quite a good business and always had a great and massive number of clients. However, they didn’t have any good online presence. This was affecting their overall business, and they were looking for a way to get through this. Additionally, they wanted to change the way they represent their business online.

We are working on many of the projects of GIIAVA. This includes the official website of GIIAVA, GIIAVA Agro, Purnanna, and a few more. Additionally, we are operating their e-commerce platform for GIIAVA Agro. We are managing their web hosting server for quite a long time and are considering various security parameters to keep their emails and web hosting data secure.

Personally we are continuously managing and improving the online presence of GIIAVA. We achieved the goal of building a strong online presence through the website. Hence we built an e-commerce platform–GIIAVA Agro, where farmers can buy organic farming products online and that too with no hassle. GIIAVA relies a lot on cloud services, and we make sure their cloud services are always up and functioning to their best.

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