Why Contract Staffing is in trend

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What is contract staffing?

Contract staffing is a method of recruiting where a business hires a skilled employee on the basis of a specific written contract, which contains the terms of their arrangement. This contract could take place between two companies or a company and an individual. Theses employees are used for short-term purposes until the project is completed.

Benefits of Contract staffing.
1) Access to specialized skills –

The main benefit of using contract staffing is access to specialized skills. Contract workers usually tend to have more experience and expertise. Therefore they can jump right in and get started on a project immediately. As a result, your project will be carried out within the deadline and will be implemented successfully. This allows you to hire employees for the skills you need instead of hiring a permanent employee who does not have the skill set required for the specific role.

2) Contract staffing reduces cost –

 It is very cost-effective and helps companies save money. Firstly, it saves costs related to the hiring process such as screening, recruiting, and training. Training takes a lot up a lot of time and resources. Secondly, it is helpful in reducing turnover which costs money too. Thirdly, staffing agencies examine the candidates before hiring them for you. Therefore this ensures that they are skillful and competent to contribute to your team in a short duration. Finally, contract workers do not receive any medical benefits, sick pay and vacation time. Therefore they only receive payment for the time they work.

3) Fulfills short term business needs –

Hiring full-time employees does not make sense when companies are looking for a workforce to fulfill their short term needs. Therefore they resort to outsourcing. Hiring contract workers can be highly beneficial as companies have access to the workforce for a short duration of time without making any commitments and to avoid facing disadvantages associated with outsourcing.

4) New learning opportunities –

When employees from different fields and areas work together, they can exchange new ideas and information. This will strengthen their team spirit and increase their team efforts. Professionals hired via contract are usually very experienced individuals and, therefore, they can train the pre-existing employees of your company.

5) Reduces business liability –

It will help your business reduce liability applicable to the workforce. An employer handles the safety and security of part-time employees and full-time employees and providing them workers’ compensation, unemployment benefits, and other facilities.

6) Takes off some responsibilities of the HR department –

Hiring an employee requires screening, interviews, background checking and a ton of paperwork, which takes up a lot of time for the human resource department. In the short term, it is not worth the efforts. Therefore contract staffing takes off some responsibilities of the human resource department shoulder which helps them to function better.

7) Flexibility –

Hiring becomes very flexible when working with contract workers. You can hire new staff as and when they are needed. Match your staffing levels with your project requirements and workload. Contract workers are available on shorter notice periods and are available to start a new contract immediately. At the same time, this flexibility also protects the positions of your core staff and therefore they feel more secure.

8) Prevents laying off employees –

Many a time a business gets a huge contract and hires a team of full-time employees but the deal falls apart. Unless these new employees are assigned to other projects, the company has to fire them. Laying off employees costs a lot of money and also reflects poorly on the image of the company. Hiring contract workers prevents such situations as they are only hired for a short duration.


Contract staffing is a method of recruiting and hiring workers on the basis of a contract for a limited period of time. 

To benefit from this form of arrangement, it’s very important to partner up with a reputable contract staffing agency that takes pride in its candidates.

At Quantazone we offer a well-qualified pool of temporary employees. As a bonus, we also take care of payroll, onboarding, and performance management.

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