Why You’re Not On The First Page of Search Results

Quantazone blog: SEO - Why you’re not on the first page of search results

You have been running your business for a good chunk of time now, maybe even a decade or more. The business is good; you have recognition in your community; equipped with every modern piece of equipment.

But a little birdy has been bringing constant news to your ears that people are having a hard time finding your business online.

In all honesty, building a strong digital presence is not as subtle as the internet makes it sound. And bold of me to assume that you who are reading this, have not been putting a lot of efforts into the right areas for growing your digital presence.

But nay, I do not blame you for it. Building a strong digital presence is most definitely sophisticated!

So, I am going to quickly rush down 6-reasons you may fell off the first page and into what the marketers like to call it as “No-man’s-land” for SEOs.

1. You have not registered yourself as a business!

This is the obvious first step and a simple decision which makes it the easiest one to miss out on.

Create your listing on Google My Business. It is free to use a service that helps you control how the search engines view your business. Here, you can list your working hours, a link to your website, your address, pictures of your business and this is where you can control your google reviews too.

Evidently you will often see your business information being displayed towards the right side of your screen; this section is the Google Knowledge Graph. If a graph already exists for your company, you can claim it and gain control of the listing. Hence this listing is probably the work of a good Samaritan who tried to give Google information about your
business to help other searchers.

Though I would advise that you be the captain of this ship of information if you wish to move up in the search rankings.

2. Your website is not Search Engine Friendly

SEO is complicated. Period.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves many factors, a factor that searchers and search engines get a little emotional about is loading time.

By current standards, a well-optimized website should be under 2 seconds of loading time.
This helps you avoid back hopping of the searchers and helps you reduce your bounce rate.
(When searchers go back to the search results page to look for a page that loads faster!)

Sadly, a quick loading website is not good enough to keep the Gods of Search Results in
approval of placing your website on the first page of results. Thus we must consider multiple ranking deciders such Meta Descriptions, Alt Tags, the Right Keywords, Domain Authority,
Headers, how they make you relevant on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) (P.S. Marketers loving building up acronyms) and so much more.

3. You are playing with Competitive Keywords :

It is a rare sight to see a business that does not have any competition.

Let us be honest about this, you are going to compete on SERPs with 10 unique business from your industry for the same set of keywords and phrases. The keywords or phrases that you select do not have to be a 100% reflective of the content offered on your website, most websites undergo developing, not keeping SEO in the back of the mind. And this ultimately means that they’re not a search engine’s best friends.

There are a few things you can do in this situation such  using long-tail keywords, this is where I recommend you bring in an SEO strategist they will help you bring your page to the front. (And you don’t have to worry about understanding a single more acronym more)

4. You are not active on Social Media!

It should not be surprising if you see your social media account on the first page of search results while your website is not available.

This is because of a simple reason; social media pages are being backed Domain Authority (DA). In simple words, this is the trust score of any domain out there. It ranks from 0 to 100 and social media pages are about 100, in terms of DA, as a result of they have the highest likelihood of being on top of the search results.

Social Media platforms are the stars of SERP, since there is no one who can outdo them in terms of DA. Therefore a strong social media presence ultimately benefits both you and your customers. Download the free social media guide for LinkedIn. (By LinkedIn)

5. You are not paying to advertise.

Yes, the idea of sinking cost is scary.

But Google will take your money in any manner. Google reserve the top 3 positions of every SERP for paid advertising. We know this listing as PPC (Pay-per-click) listings and have a little “Ad” sticker attached to them to show that they are advertisements.

It takes time to build credibility on SERP and get served organically for your relevance and quality. But if you are running thin on patience and just want a bit of boost, paid to advertise is this right option for you.

In the beginning, simply spend what you can afford. You will eventually get a feel for what is working for you and what is not working for you, and with this, you can adjust and revamp your spending and budget regarding it. (P.S Social Media is a good place to experiment.)

6. You are probably not using citations.

A citation is a listing of your business, and the search engine looks for it. This helps improve your organic ranking in the system.

Remember Yellow Pages? Four Square? These were places people would go to learn more about a business. On these platforms, you could simply put out your basic information or even create an entire business profile for some of them.

Getting into the top listings of citation platforms is a task.

These citation pages, they help you out in the long-haul, helping you build credibility on multiple platforms, ultimately helping users and search engines understands you are relevant.


With heading into the 21st century the online presence has become a must. But with everybody being in the race of being on the worldwide web, people are not paying attention to the quality work and algorithms which is a downside.

So with this, We hope these points helped you in learning something new. Share this blog with your fellow website owners to help them in learning something new. 

To know and read the more interesting digital blog. Head to Quantazone. Your true business partner.

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