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What is YouTube SEO?

YouTube SEO involves optimizing your channel, metadata, playlists, description, and the videos themselves. You can optimize your videos for search both within and outside of YouTube. Harnessing the power of your video’s text in the form of transcripts, closed captions, and subtitles is a key component to YouTube SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of designing web content that will rank highly in search engine results pages (SERPs). Optimizing your website for search is necessary to attract traffic and grow a following.

Tips to improve your YouTube SEO strategy:
1) Optimize your video description:

Including a detailed video-description doesn’t seem that advanced, but it’s absolutely vital. The more detailed and longer your video description, the better you’ll be able to rank for relevant searches. The reason being – contextual keywords. Contextual keywords are at the heart of all YouTube and Google searches.

You are not simply trying to rank for a single long-tail keyword. You’re trying to rank for a range of loosely-related searches, which may or may not include the exact keyword phrase you’re targeting. Therefore you need to create a long and detailed video description that might contain some or all of the relevant keyword verbiage. YouTube is often referred to as a social network because it hosts user-generated videos. Detailed video descriptions can help you gain followers and are often applauded by the YouTube community and.

2) Insert keywords:

Keywords and keyword phrases should correspond with:

  1. whatever describes your video accurately, and
  2. the words and phrases that users enter in search engines to find content like yours.

You have to select the most effective keywords for your target audience. Look for keyword variations with less competition so you can stand out from the crowd. Once you’ve picked your keywords, incorporate them into these fields:

  • Title:   One of the first things that our eyes are drawn to when we search for videos,  is the title. That usually is what determines whether or not the viewer will click to watch your video, so the title should not only be compelling but also clear. Titles fit 100 characters and are truncated at 66 characters, meaning your most important information should be close to the front.
  • Meta-Description: Meta description fits around 5,000 characters, and is truncated at 166 characters. It is important to include a link to your product, considering more than half of consumers are influenced by product videos
  • Tags: Tags fit 120 characters. You should use double quotes to surround phrases so your video is an exact match for a long-tail keyword phrase. Always add tags in order of importance.

Remember, if you plan to post your video on several domains in addition to YouTube, you should vary the keyword phrases slightly. You don’t want to compete against yourself across different sites.

3) Use compelling thumbnails:

Your video thumbnail is the main image viewers see when scrolling through a list of videos. Along with the video’s title, that thumbnail tells the viewer about the video’s content. It can impact the number of clicks and views your video receives. You can choose which frame to display as the video thumbnail. YouTube will present 3 screenshots to choose from. But you can select a shot of a different moment in the video, or upload your own image.

While you can always pick one of the options auto-generated by YouTube, it is highly recommended to upload a custom thumbnail. You need to ensure that your thumbnail appears with equally high quality across multiple viewing platforms. Choosing the right video thumbnail image makes a drastic difference in click-through rate. Ideally, you want an image that is a great visual representation of your target keyword. This will take your presence in search results even further.

4) Create playlists on YouTube:

Relevant, subcategorized playlists can greatly boost user engagement. When viewers are in a playlist, they will see a list of videos in it while watching the current video. They can then navigate through the playlist. It makes it easy to share multiple videos at a time, by sharing a link to the playlist instead of one video.

This format provides a more immersive channel experience, and curating great playlists can have a greater impact than creating videos. Playlists are heavily promoted by YouTube, and your video is more likely to be viewed as part of a playlist than on its own in YouTube’s ecosystem.

Importance of YouTube Ads in 2021

YouTube ads are very important as they impact our daily lives in one way or another. In today’s world where YouTube is the second largest platform used apart from Google. It is very beneficial and helps us in reaching to a large number of people. YouTube shows us the ads according to our tailored interests.
Advertising on YouTube is very easy using Google Ad Words. There are two types or categories of ads on YouTube that are display ads and video ads. The pricing for each type of advertisement differs on length and quality of it.

Display Ads on YouTube

The ads appear alongside related YouTube videos or as pop-ups within the videos.

  • Standard Banner Ad – They are like the regular Google Display Ads . They are available as standard banner ads and also rich media ads.
  • In-Video Overlay Ads – Here the ads appear as pop-ups within existing targeted videos . It does so by selected queries. The URLs within in-video ads can go to different locations outside of YouTube.

The pop-up ads are impossible to ignore in YouTube. The ads that are on side bar may be overlooked.

Advertising on YouTube With Video Ads

Creating video ads is easy and completely free. One can shoot a video themselves or even take professional help. YouTube advises us to focus on the positive reviews we get from the customers.
True View ads have also become a great way to advertise. There are two types in it they are:

  • TrueView in-stream ads

Advertisers only pay when a user interacts with your video or watches your video for 30 seconds or more.

  • TrueView video discovery ads

Advertisers only pay when a user clicks on your ad.

Due to this format TrueView ads are the most cost-effective option. Instead of paying for exposure the company or organization pays for engagement. Additionally, with more targeting options we can limit our focus to valuable members.

Why should one use True View ads?
  • Cost-effective pricing model
  • In depth targeting options
  • Responsive design
  • Custom video duration
  • Achieve marketing objectives
Additional YouTube Video Advertising Tools and Features

It has a many tools, extensions and targeting options. They also provide:

YouTube Analytics Data

 They provide a lots of analytical data. It lets advertisers get information on metrics such as:

  • The number of views a video gets
  • User engagement
  • It also allows advertiser to know that at which points viewers stop watching the video.

You can also conduct re-marketing ads for users. It will work for those people who have already watched your previous videos.


YouTube Channels are free to create. They function as your business station. One can customize their channel to express their business’s personality . This makes it easy for viewers to subscribe.

Advanced Targeting Options

They offer options like niche interest targeting and age targeting.

Mobile Ads

After gaining knowledge of advertising tools you can further your reach to smartphones and tablets. The YouTube mobile app makes it easy for users to watch the videos on go.

Homepage Ads

Advertisers can buy prime ad space on YouTube’s homepage. This guarantees plenty of eyeballs and attention. But these are costly.
Furthermore, advertisers can opt for “Homepage Roadblock.” In it you are the only advertiser on the YouTube homepage for 24 full hours. Usually, to do this one needs a huge amount of money.

Ways to use YouTube Ads
  • Brand Awareness
  • Product Launch
  • Audience Engagement
  • Customer Help

YouTube is a fantastic marketing opportunity for businesses interested in digital marketing. At Quantazone we will help you reach your marketing goals and a new customer base.

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