Connecting metal works into the modern digital world

Case study: Connecting metal works into the modern digital world

Ganage Pressings, a distinguished manufacturer of press tools and fabricated metal products, has accumulated over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and engineering sector. Renowned for their quality craftsmanship and precision engineering, Ganage Pressings serves clients worldwide. However, despite their expertise in manufacturing, Ganage encountered challenges with their outdated CRM software, which hindered their operational efficiency and client management processes.

Ganage group was using the old version of CRM software and was having difficulties in using the software. This was affecting the overall productivity of the company and the Ganage was facing trouble in managing the client records, expenses, invoices, etc. Hence  They were looking for a solution where they could manage all their tasks in a single place. All these above-stated problems can be solved clearly by hiring a staffing and digital marketing company. When it comes to digital services, we at quantazone speculate every aspect to develop your online presence. Read the below solution paragraph to know how we helped Ganage Pressings.  

In collaboration with Quantazone, Ganage Pressings embarked on a digital transformation journey to address their operational inefficiencies. Quantazone introduced Ganage to modern CRM and taxation software tailored to their specific requirements. The migration process involved seamlessly transferring data from the outdated system to the new software, ensuring continuity and minimizing the risk of data loss. By adopting the new software solution, Ganage gained access to a comprehensive management system that facilitated improved performance and productivity.

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