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Quantazone seamlessly collaborates across diverse sectors including IT, Automotive, Construction, Energy, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, and Manufacturing providing comprehensive HR support tailored to your specific needs. With years of experience, we integrate traditional HR practices with fully integrated HR systems. We see ourselves as an integral part of your team, offering support to your HR department with a strategic approach to Core HR, Talent Acquisition, and Payroll Management for contractual and permanent employee needs.

We are confident that our HR solutions will significantly contribute to the growth and success of your organization, saving you time and money while improving employee retention and loyalty. 

We propose a strategic shift in your HR operations, introducing a streamlined digital approach to empower your employees. This initiative aims to enhance productivity both in-office and on the go.

HR Policy Formulation and Implementation

We will craft and enforce robust HR policies to create a harmonious and compliant workplace. Our dedicated efforts contribute to cultivating a positive work culture and ensuring legal adherence for your organization.

Centralized Documents

We are implementing a robust centralized database for streamlined data management, and HR documents, from offer letters to appraisals. This will be facilitated by an efficient Document Management System, ensuring quick access to employee information.

Employee Onboarding

We facilitate fast employee onboarding with a straightforward four-step process. On their first day, we introduce them to mentors, bosses, and colleagues. We streamline recruiting onboarding through our efficient procedure, including comprehensive checklists for a smooth transition.

Attendance Management

We offer efficient attendance management solutions tailored to your needs, incorporating IP, geo-tracking for streamlined check-ins and mobile workforce monitoring, and Kiosks for real-time tracking, particularly useful for site locations, ensuring precise payroll processing.  Additionally, we provide simplified shift management with shift-based calendars.

Leave Tracking

We ensure seamless management of employee absences, leave, holidays, and compliance. Our approach includes streamlined approvals and access to comprehensive reports, covering employee availability, loss of pay, and payroll details.

Performance Appraisal

We establish a robust performance appraisal system to acknowledge and reward employee achievements, cultivating a positive work environment. Our goal is to inspire motivation and sustained dedication, contributing to a culture of excellence within the organization

HR Case Management

We prioritize the swift resolution of HR-related matters by employing a robust case management system. This structured approach ensures timely and effective solutions, contributing to employee contentment and a harmonious workplace environment.

Exit Formalities

We efficiently manage the exit process, ensuring a smooth transition for departing employees. Our comprehensive systematic approach covers all aspects, from documentation to offboarding protocols.

We simplify payroll management using our system, ensuring simplicity, accuracy, and compliance. We handle payroll calculations, accommodate various salary structures, and help you avoid compliance penalties.

Employee Portal

We provide an Employee Self-Service Portal, allowing employees to securely view personal details and access payslips through personalized logins. This paperless solution also enables the generation of tax forms online, covering employee-related tax withholding forms and pay stubs.

Payroll Management

We simplify payroll tasks with intuitive features for efficient preparation, validation, and seamless completion. Generate detailed gross-to-net pay stubs, including taxes and deductions. Through our integration with multiple banks, we facilitate direct online salary payments to employees’ bank accounts.

Bonus & Tax Support

Our system acknowledges seamlessly handling employee bonuses, including automatic tax management. Simplify legal obligations with our assistance as our system generates payroll forms and tax reports for expedited filing.


We streamline operations with our automated receipt and expense management system, saving time for crucial tasks. Expedite online reimbursements with prompt notifications and the flexibility to record manual reimbursements when required.

Purchase Requests & Approvals

We facilitate employees in creating purchase requests with custom approval flows, ensuring proper vetting for expenses, trip requests, and cash advances through our approval system.

We simplify team communication with business-ready chat, enabling seamless collaboration and file sharing. Teams can effortlessly connect through our social wall, fostering discussions and collectively making decisions.

Communicate & Engage

The system encourages communication through personalized feeds, an exclusive company wall, and real-time polls, creating a dynamic workplace where employees collaborate through questions and forums. We enhance engagement with our centralized dashboard, promoting peer-to-peer recognition via badges. We conduct regular surveys using our system to gather insights and fortify your organization’s work culture.

Connecting and Collaborating

We strengthen connections with detailed profiles, a people directory, and an accessible organizational chart. We Enhance communication through one-on-one chats, calls, and team channels, fostering real-time collaboration. Enhancing teamwork with dedicated spaces, organized task management, a central knowledge base, document repository, and an updated calendar for events and deadlines on centralized platforms.

Note: We will implement the professional version of Zoho People HRM, offering a wide range of features to meet your business needs. You have the option to upgrade to a more advanced version at any time

HRM Automation

We streamline HR, recruitment, and payroll support operations with automation, prioritizing employee engagement. We optimize workflows to eliminate manual tasks, boost productivity, and reduce redundancies.


As the employee number expands, the system can be scaled to handle increased data volume and complexity, ensuring that you are always ahead of your growth curve.

Data Management and Customization

HRM will include robust data management capabilities, including employee management. We adapt the system to meet your business’s specific requirements.

Data Security

HRM incorporates robust encryption methods and multi-level authentication features, ensuring that your data is secure and compliant with prevailing privacy regulations.

Analytics and Payroll Insights

We leverage advanced analytics for in-depth insights into your business data, covering employee attrition ratios and payroll budgeting. Payroll reports provide comprehensive details on expenses, including salary, benefits, and taxes, enhancing your payroll analysis with precision.

Ongoing Strategy Refinement

Beyond these consultations, our team continually reviews and analyzes performance metrics to shape upcoming strategies, ensuring dynamic adaptability and constant growth.

Multi-channel Support

We provide chat and email support, a dedicated account manager, and remote assistance from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST, five days a week, with a response time of 24 hours or less.

Talent Acquisition

We will help you find, evaluate, and communicate with candidates for any role. That means a more efficient hiring process and new hires that add more value to your organization or your clients.

Appealing Career Pages

We will create a careers site tailored to attract candidates who embody the values and skills you seek, providing a unique platform to showcase your brand and engage with potential talent.

Centralize Your Hiring Process

Improve your time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and quality-of-hire with the Applicant Tracking System. You can view all incoming applications and organize candidate profiles into a centralized database.

Custom Assessments

We will perform thorough background checks, skills assessments, and personality tests to streamline the shortlisting process, ensuring you confidently identify the most suitable candidates.

Candidate Sourcing

We will help you find the perfect fit for your job via multiple job boards as well as social media sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and more, faster than ever.

Offer Letter Management

We will initiate offer letters after your approval and have them signed and saved digitally in your HR documents to access at any time.

Get Your Team

HR Generalist​

Who oversees diverse aspects of human resources, encompassing recruitment, employee relations, training, and policy implementation.  

HR Recruiter​

Find the best people for your team, making sure they fit in well and bring their skills to help your company grow. 

Payroll Specialist

Ensures accurate and timely processing of employee payments.

HRM Implementation Specialist

Works with and supports the use of HR management software, ensuring effective implementation and helping your team.

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