7 most trending Social Media platforms [in 2022]

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The last decade has seen social media platforms thriving in a multifaced community. All around the world, 3.2 billion are active daily through social media. 90% of millennials regularly use these platforms and around 70% of users find new products through social media platforms. It’s not hard to perceive any reason why about three-fourths of advertisers accept internet based life is a successful piece of their business.

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.”

Jeff Bezos

So why don’t your businesses start utilizing these new forms of communications as soon as possible? Our analysts did some research and compiled data about the 7 Top Social Media sites in 2022.

In this blog post, we will drive you through the world of social media marketing. It might be worth reading to know about the social media site’s status but what you have not explored yet.

How can you know which social media platform is the best fit for you?

While there are different social media networks that you can use, focus on the most popular ones. This way you already eliminated most of the options. Now, it is time to analyze your buyer persona and your brand.

1.Age Range

The demographics like age range can be helpful criteria to determine the platform. For different age groups, the main platform they use can vary.


Are you trying to sell your product or service to a foreign market or somewhere more specific? You need to analyze the target market in that location and see which platform they use. This change in different locations.


What is your purpose to do social media marketing? Do you want to sell, do you want to connect with your target market? Furthermore, maybe you might want to analyze your potential customers or want to create brand awareness. According to your purpose, you can evaluate different platforms and find the right one to take an action.

Here’s a breakdown of the Trending Social Media platforms to boost your business
1) Facebook

Facebook is the biggest social media site, with 2 billion users each month This accounts for one-third of the world’s population. Around 65 million users drive their businesses using Facebook Pages and more than six million advertisers actively promote it. These social media platforms support all content formats to work great making it easy to get started. Most Facebook users access Facebook via web and mobile apps also.

2) Youtube

Youtube is indeed the most popular video-sharing platform where millions of users register billion hours of watch time for videos every day. It is the second biggest social media platform and is owned by Google. One can create a YouTube channel of their brand and can upload videos for your subscribers to view, like, comment, and share. This is one of the most effective ways to connect with your brand. Youtube ads are much cheaper and affordable thereby allowing digital marketing available to all.

3) Instagram

Instagram is a highly interactive social media platform where one can share photos and videos to millions at once. You can share a wide range of content such as photos, videos, stories. Live streaming was a feature recently added to the application. It has also recently introduced IGTV for longer types of videos.
As a brand, you can have a business profile or even a creator profile depending on your work. Instagram comes with various pre-defined analytical tools. These tools enable you to grow your business faster than never before. Instagram also supports paid promotions and an incredible reach and engagement ratio.

4) Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a messaging platform used by people in over 180 countries. Initially, it was only used by people to communicate with their family and friends only. But the reach of WhatsApp has grown plenty in the past decade. People have now started using these social media platforms for business purposes too. Whatsapp offers a free medium to propagate your brand and connect with the users. Along with a business profile, it allows 24×7 customer support. Whatsapp also provides a business API to keep customers engaged and up to date.

5) Tumblr

Tumblr is a small blogging and huge social networking platform for sharing text, photos, links, videos, audios, and more. People can share a wide range of things on Tumblr from dog photos to art to fashion. Tumblr blog looks just like any other website. So many blogs that you come across online each day might be using Tumblr! It allows the marketing of your brand through Viral Tags. Such social media platforms set up an environment perfect for a small company.

6) LinkedIn

Linkedin is now more than just a meagre resume and job search site. It has evolved as a social media platform where industry experts share content, network with one another, and build their brand. It has also become a place for businesses to attract talent to their company through leadership and authority. LinkedIn offers advertisement techniques such as boosting your content, sending personalized ads to LinkedIn inboxes, and displaying ads by the side of the site. LinkedIn is responsible for more than 85% of a business’s social media leads! It focuses on B2B connections, so it should surely be a part of your social media marketing strategy. It allows you promotions through either LinkedIn groups or  influencers.


Content marketing is more than just creating content on your website. It is more about getting your content out there on social media platforms in front of your users. Social media platforms present enormous opportunities for brands to connect with their audiences and build their following. To make the most of these opportunities staying ahead of these social media trends is mandatory. I hope you found these trends worthwhile. Lets us know if we missed any trends by mentioning them in the comments section!

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