B2B and B2C marketing. What’s the difference?

Quantazone blog: B2B and B2C marketing. What’s the difference?

Marketing B2B (Business to Business) is a marketing activity aimed at corporate customers, a completely different type of Marketing B2C (Business to Consumer) – aimed at customers who are the end-user consumers.  B2C marketing is pretty familiar to everyone as they at least once acting as a customer, while B2B marketing often has less interaction with the normal daily life for most of us. In this blog post, we will clarify the difference between B2B and B2C, to help you further understand the two major focus in the broad marketing industry.

1. The difference in customers

The target audience of B2C Marketing is the end consumer .They are the ones who make buying decisions for themselves or for their families. For B2C customers, the decision-making process gets influenced by many surrounding factors such as advertising, word of mouth, promotion, and more. They decide based on both irrational reason and emotional thought. The loyalty level of this customer type usually could not be high, because of low switching cost and similarity in suppliers. Therefore, for B2C marketing, it is not enough to focus communication on product benefits. It is necessary to use both emotional and psychological factors to influence the customer purchase journey. The B2C marketing problem is how to make their customers always believe, remember, and choose their products

2. What are the target customers of B2B Marketing?

Unlike B2C, the object of B2B Marketing is business customers. They are the ones making purchasing decisions for the business. Thus, the decision-making process always gets viewed from the perspective of the organization. The characteristics of B2B include:

Purchasing decision-makers (the heads of the organization) are not the end-users (end-users are employees of the organization). The B2B customer decision-making process is often expensive. Time, they have to consider, collect information, try products before they can come to conclusions.

For B2B customers, the decision-making process is less affected by emotional factors. The key to them is the functional benefit of the product, advice and recommendation from reputable parties.

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They want the product to address their business problems directly.

For example, some questions: Why buy this product? Do they help increase profits? Do they help save time and labor requirement? and more

Brands are very fond of B2B customers because of the large order value and high level of loyalty.

For example, for B2C customers, Coca-Cola needs to build brands and run continuous communication campaigns to nurture emotions, make customers remember the brand. They organized activities such as TVC, events, creative campaigns target B2C customers.

In order to distribute products to supermarkets, that is B2B customers, Coca-Cola needs to give product figures such as consumption, market coverage, and propose to negotiate prices. Supermarkets need Coca-Cola to show that when they import the product, they will sell it (without stagnation). The purchasing decision depends on the quality of the product and the discount offered by the brand

3. The difference in marketing approach

With B2C, because customers often buy according to emotions, loyalty is not high. So B2C Marketing needs creativity so that customers always remember and choose their products.

With B2B, customers want to make sure the product has to help them solve problems. They rarely take the risk to try a new product without seeing real benefits. However, once they have trusted their choices, the loyalty level of B2B customers is quite high. Because they want to maintain stability and seek long-term solutions. Therefore, B2B Marketing does not need “big hammer” such as epic campaign, billion-dollar TVC and Emotional factors do not play a prerequisite role. B2B companies should focus on creating and maintaining relationships with customers’ products. Besides, they need to provide detailed information about products, features, and benefits worth investing in. The focus of Marketing B2B comes from the letter P – Product and uses content marketing.

Business customers are quite difficult to reach. Therefore, doing B2B Marketing, businesses need to “draw” accurately the target customer portraits in order to utilize and optimize the cost of reaching potential customers.


B2B and B2C marketing have many specific differences, but both stem from the basic marketing concept. Therefore, if you want to do B2B or B2C Marketing, you also need to have knowledge of Marketing method, and systematically to fight effectively.

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