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Quantazone Markets supports all post-execution activity across bilateral OTC derivatives, cleared OTC derivatives, and listed derivative transactions. From drafting long-form confirmations for structured products, through managing collateral to settling of any cash flow, we are recognized for quality and scale.

Quantazone Markets provide Trade Life Cycle Operational support across various asset classes. Our services include Trade Confirmations, Settlement & Reconciliation for Equity ,Fixed Income and FX Products.

Quantazone combines and the world-class facilities to deliver smarter outsourcing solutions

Trade Life Cycle Operations

Our Middle office services include data enrichment, trade amendments and static data setup for Straight through processing(STP) of executed Deals.

Confirmation Settlement and Reconciliation services are included in our back office Support infrastructure.

  • Coverage across Equity, Fixed Income and FX Products
  • Management of client and product static data to enable seamless trade flow into downstream systems
  • Amendments to, or enrichment of, trades to ensure same-day matching
  • Front to back-office reconciliations to capture any FOBO break
  • Failed trades reviews and resolution of breaks and Claim Settlements
  • Regulatory and internal reporting
  • Industry tools expertise across asset classes, including Omgeo CTM,Alert, CLS etc.

We support the entire lifecycle for listed derivative operations, from agreement management, through clearing trade support and collateral management. Our unique insights, technology, and expertise allow us to seamlessly manage high volumes of complex transactions while delivering cost savings and efficiency gains.

As the Listed Derivatives industry undergoes unprecedented regulatory change, our services have been configured to support our customers’ evolving needs. From providing resources to backfill operational functions in-the-line to the delivery of industry-wide efficiency initiatives, we provide flexible servicing options in an ever-changing environment.

  • Reference data support across the setup and maintenance of accounts, instruments, brokerage, commission, fees, and interest
  • T0 matching and clearing, including help in improving auto-matching rates
  • Our reconciliation, break investigation and resolution services enable T+1 settlement, or matching, of trades against exchanges and central counterparties
  • Streamlined collateral management operations and downstream settlement capability

Quantazone offers a host of services for OTC confirmations across all asset classes, covering drafting, incoming reviews, trade chasing, trade affirmation, indexing, and exception management. Our extensive experience garnered from servicing some of the world’s largest banks, allows us to bring together best-in-class process workflows, industry expertise, and custom technology to create a comprehensive and cost-effective market solution.

We manage the entire process around trade confirmation for more transactions than most individual banks on the street. This level of scale allows us to deliver significant market insight back to our clients, ensuring that their processes are streamlined and efficient.

  • Paper confirmation drafting for flow and structured products across all asset classes
  • Ability to meet regulatory timelines for drafting and affirming transactions
  • Template creation and maintenance for non-STP trades
  • Affirmation and confirmation rate optimization through real-time break identification
  • Trade confirmation and verification of economic and non-economic parameters
  • Electronic trade confirmation & trade parameter matching on third party reconciliation tools
  • Email authentication and validation tools to reduce risk of email misdirects
  • MIS reporting and preparation of regulatory reports to meet CFTC and EMIR requirements
  • Automation and OCR technology to improve efficiency and reduce risk

Quantazone provides comprehensive settlement services across global markets and products for OTC and cash trades. Our combination of automation, technology, operational scale, and in-depth knowledge — across both settlement activities and client types — provides our customers with the critical support they require to manage high volumes, stringent timelines and ongoing regulatory requirements.

Accuracy is essential to avoid operational losses or claims arising from incorrect settlements. By properly resourcing to ensure that we are able to reconcile future cash flows with your counterparties well ahead of value date, we help reduce the risk of costly errors creeping into your operation.

  • Timely reconciliation and settlement of cash flows
  • Increased affirmation rate by rectifying discrepant cash flows in advance and settling with good value
  • Application of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to provide increased availability, scalability and higher quality at a lower cost

Offering an end-to-end collateral management solution for clients, using skilled resources, industry tools, proprietary outreach, and workflow solutions, distinguishes Quantazone Markets. From entering credit terms into credit risk systems to validating margin calls and the downstream settlement collateral movements, our dedicated team of analysts helps you avoid unnecessary complexity and costs. We provide coverage across all time-zones, and our analysts continually track and manage collateral calls so that you have the most up-to-date information.

  • A streamlined workflow for valuation scrubbing, portfolio reconciliation, margin call generation, dispute resolution, and interest payment generation
  • Portfolio matching with counterparties
  • Advanced metrics delivered to clients on demand and during regular monthly reviews
  • Automated control reports and STP to custodian portals
  • Analytical monthly reporting covering all key metrics and indicators

Financial institutions must actively manage operational and counterparty risk arising from poor data flows between internal and external systems. We provide end-to-end support for a wide range of reconciliation requirements, including front to back-office systems, documents to systems, broker reconciliations, industry utilities, as well as settlement and portfolio reconciliations. The accuracy and reliability of data are critical to reducing risk across the life cycle of any client transaction.

  • Mitigate risk arising out of incomplete or incorrect data flows between internal and external systems
  • Identify, investigate, and resolve any breaks. Delivering the requisite information to help avoid the same breaks arising in the future
  • Properly resource based on spikes in volumes or complexity of transactions
  • Remediate, processes where there is a distinct absence of workflow tools or automation

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