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Marketers have been implementing Wikipedia as part of their marketing strategy for years. They have also reaped many of the benefits that have come from it. It is not social media, a directory, or a news website. It has a very unique writing style and anyone can contribute to its content. This is one of the reasons people overlook it when it comes to marketing. However, Wikipedia can be a powerful marketing tool if done properly.

The fact that Wikipedia is a good platform for digital marketing might be a shocker to many. In reality, is that it is one of the places where successful businesses have been flocking to market their products. It is a resourceful site when it comes to sources of information. It is a good place to get started for businesses that wish to establish an online presence. If people find information about your brand on Wikipedia, they are more likely to read what is on your page before checking out your website.

Your Wikipedia page is an essential tool for boosting your company’s stature in the crowded market. It also helps in juicing organic search results, injecting a strong dose of legitimacy, and serving as a valuable resource for prospects and investors. Many potential investors will expect a Wikipedia presence and will go there to get unbiased information about your company.

Here’s how you can start marketing with Wikipedia:
1) Start by Creating a Wikipedia Page:

Your Wikipedia page acts as a source of information for Google’s Knowledge Graph. Globally, the site ranks fifth compared to other sites. Therefore, it is important for digital marketers to consider creating a Wiki page so as to take advantage of this great popularity.

Ideally, a topic is suitable for Wikipedia if it has received a noteworthy coverage in independent reliable sources. Therefore, before you create a page for your company, it is important to ensure you choose a topic that has received in-depth coverage from reliable sources. It is important that you meet independence criteria when choosing a relevant topic.

2) Take Advantage of Wikipedia Backlinks:

Some SEO experts might argue that Wikipedia backlinks are no-follow. And therefore have no significant value when it comes to digital marketing. However, these backlinks carry significant importance when it comes to making your brand visible.

Therefore, it is advisable that digital marketers take advantage of backlinks.  These backlinks have a huge potential when it comes to positioning and authority when being cited in a Wikipedia article.

3) Keep Monitoring your Presence:

Just like in any other digital marketing strategy, you need to monitor how well Wikipedia marketing performs. As you monitor your marketing, you also want to be sure not just anyone else will manage your content. When it comes to monitoring the content, you can use various approaches. These include enabling notifications.

To begin with, it is very important to make sure that your account is active. Since you already have a Wikipedia page and your marketing content on the page, it’s obvious that you signed for the account. Then, you need to add your business or personal e-mail. Through this, you will be receiving notifications.

4) Avoid Using it as a Promotional Tool:

Wikipedia guidelines clearly indicate that the content published should not be promotional in any case. Therefore, if you use the platform as a promotional tool, it will lead to a violation of the rules. The website requires you to publish only content that takes complete neutrality. Therefore any page that contains a promotional tone is pulled down.

When referring to Wikipedia marketing, you should focus on creating online brand visibility and not publishing promotional content. It is not necessary for you to write promotional content to make your brand visible. Therefore, you should only use unbiased tone when creating Wikipedia page content.

5) Keep your Pages Up To Date:

Wikipedia offers a good potential for marketers because of the high authority the site enjoys. The information on the site will be verified and high accuracy is important to earn credibility. Therefore, it is important to ensure you have updated the information on your page.

This is to reflect a high degree of accuracy. If not, your Wikipedia marketing efforts will not be fruitful. You are increasing your brand’s trust online by maintaining updated content on Wikipedia. If your clients find inaccurate information, this breaches the trust and affects your brand credibility overall.


The use of Wikipedia as a marketing platform has been going on for a very long time. Most of the established brands have a Wikipedia presence. And this has helped those companies become popular. At Quantazone our marketing team will help businesses like yours determine how to take your audience from prospects to buyers. We make sure that you keep your customers engaged and connected to your brand so that you’re always their first option.

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