Does B2B SEO help in lead generation?

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B2B or Business to business SEO is basically SEO strategy specifically for websites or companies in the business to business industry.

Business to business lead generation is one of the top challenges for many companies these days. To generate high quality leads, most companies use SEO techniques. Recently, however, the effectiveness of SEO for B2B lead generation is being questioned.

Is B2B SEO effective?

In recent years using SEO has become very challenging, smart marketers know how to make a mark with the content. Many business owners have started believing that:

Whereas, this is not the reality.

Yes, I agree that with strategies like paid search you tend to attract more visitors.But in the long run you have to spend a lot of money to continue driving leads and sales. Whereas, with SEO, it takes a bit more time. But the resources you put in add up over time ensuring a great ROI.

For any B2B company today, SEO is a sustainable way to:

  • create an audience
  • generate leads
  • and, ultimately, close customers.

More than 70% of B2B viewers accept that they start their buying process with a general search.

To succeed with SEO we always need to remember few of the criterion’s mentioned below:

  • High quality content
  • Doing Outreach
  • Building Links

So we need to create a balance between the need to produce content that’s hard to replicate and the resources? Thus we use a process that is repeatable and scalable. Some of the tips for generating high quality leads using effective B2B SEO are mentioned below:

Tips for generating high quality leads using B2B SEO:
1) Keyword Research

Whether you are upgrading an old website or making a new one, in both the cases Keyword Research plays an important role. It is the most important aspect of SEO stratergy.

There are many resources to help us with how to come up with good keywords. But a good brainstorming session is considered the best starting point. Think about it write down some of the most popular ways in which you (or your viewers) might describe your product/service.

Google Autocomplete also helps you expand your list of keywords.You can start by typing in a generic term that is related to your business.

Instead of pressing enter to see the results, review the suggestions that come up.Write down whatever seems to be relevant and promising.

2) Content Creation

Only knowing about the perfect keyword is not enough for your strategy to succeed. You need to produce content that is of high quality. Your content must set you apart from you competitors, and must be difficult for them to duplicate.

However, publishing a large number of unrelated blog posts – even if very well written – this is not going to work. That’s why we see more brands organize their content around a hub and spoke model.

The utmost important thing while creating content is to give it some form of competitive advantage – something that distinguishes it from other resources on the topic.

3) Content Upgrade

When the content you are writing starts to drive traffic, the next task turning these visitors into leads. Some of these visitors may not be ready to become customers, and that is okay.

To convert your visitors into leads, you can produce additional content that is built upon the topics discussed in your most popular blog posts.You can target on providing downloadable documents, login requests,etc. The main goal is to get visitors to share their email address with you such that you can start building a relationship.

Emails certainly aren’t the only channel. Some companies also use chatbots and analytics to identify consistent readers and convert them into leads.

4) Promotion

So after all of this you know the most effective keywords for your site and have created an error-free and informative content that targets it. The work does not stop there. You also need to promote your posts and your website as a whole in order to make it more visible to the audience.

You need to build links from other websites to your web pages because links are the most crucial factor that will affect a website’s ranking in Google.

Is SEO for B2B still effective?

We started of the blog by comparing PPC with SEO and which can generate high quality leads in the long run. And although the effectiveness of SEO for B2B has been questioned a lot,leading to some marketers switching to a different approach. There are still ways in which we can make it work. And not just work, but effectively help in generating leads.

You just need to invest a bit of time in implementing the tips I mentioned above and thus you can successfully generate leads using B2B SEO.

Many companies like Quantazone provide best solutions for B2B SEO and in-turn help you in generating high-quality leads.

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