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A software-as-a-service solution to standardize the Order to Cash process in line with industry-leading practices. It helps reduce inefficiencies to improve revenues and profitability.

Its goals in terms of cash flow it calls for productive Accounts Receivables process that ensures that companies can get back their payments in a very short span of time, can improve their collection rates and also ensures faster processing of invoices which will contribute towards the cash flow.

Transforming the Order to Cash process is a high-impact way for organizations to address competition, increase revenue and margins, reduce risk and ensure a healthy working capital. This is easier said than done as O2C operations are highly complex, involving cross-functional and multi-layered business areas that require meticulous design and change management support.

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Order to Cash(O2C)

The authenticity of your cash flow completely depends on the time management and accurate billing you provide to your customer.

We do understand the functionalities and capabilities of your accounting ERP and use the best possible way to generate invoices with the relevant information for your customer.

Let’s go a step further to avoid any hassles on payments and reconcile our customers frequently. We send a statement of accounts to customer periodically to avoid delay in payments.

A past due account is not just the customer’s failure; we got to facilitate them and define a strategy to avoid these situations are avoided.

Our team discusses the statement of accounts, share aging of invoice, identifies the cause of the delay, fixes it and creates a process flow with control checks to avoid delays.

We all need correct customer data set-up so that the orders are managed effectively and in a timely manner. A correctly updated and managed customer database helps in managing day to day transactions smoothly as well as ensures accuracy in taxibility.

We get the required details and tax certificates from your customers while initial set up and keep them updated frequently year after year. We also address the customer requests whenever they want their details updated like a change in name, taxability, nature of business and contact information.

We can make an unhappy customer a happy customer by mitigating their concerns in a timely fashion.

In the event, a customer delays payment due to any lack of information/returns or breaches the terms of the contract which in turn results in no payment our team of an expert would help resolve the issue mutually and provide all required documentation/backup for clarification and rectification.

We do ensure that we have a system in place that a remittance advice is received for all customer payments. We do track all payments received in bank via ACH, wire or Check and apply them to the correct invoices.

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