Terms of Service

Effective January 01, 2020

As used in these terms of service(the “Agreement”), “Quantazone”, “Us” or “We” refers to Quantazone Inc. and its affiliates. “You” or “Customer” refers to the individual, the company, any agent, employee, servant or person authorized to act on your behalf who is taking any service from Quantazone. A “Prime Partner” is a customer which is decided by Quantazone based on the customer’s services taken from Quantazone. Any customer who is not a Prime Partner will be considered as a “Non-prime Partner”. A Prime Partner has additional benefits over the Non-prime.

When you use our service(s), you signify your agreement to the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.

You agree that Quantazone may modify this agreement and the services it offers to you from time to time. You agree to be bound by any changes Quantazone may reasonably make to this Agreement when such changes are made. If You have purchased services from Quantazone, the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect as long as you take advantage of and use the services. By continuing to use the services after any revision to this Agreement or change in services, you agree to abide by and be bound by any such revisions or changes.


These terms of service are applicable to all the customers who are taking the Digital services (Inbound Marketing, Website Design) from Quantazone.


For any project, the total working hours in a month might vary slightly for some months, however, the total sum of working hours in the entire project will be precise as per the subscription.

Cloud and Security

The web hosting service and the security service for the web hosting must be managed by Quantazone in order to keep the smooth flow of Inbound Marketing. We’ll choose the recommended hosting plan for you based on your website/hosting usage. A customer can choose to upgrade the hosting plan as per their requirements. Quantazone will be managing the server’s uptime and security throughout the project.

CRM Application

The default CRM in the Inbound Marketing comes as a HubSpot free version and includes the HubSpot branding, however, the customer can opt for upgrading the plan. The prices of the upgraded plans can be seen on the official site of HubSpot CRM. There are some rare possibilities where the CRM service might face technical issues. This service is completely controlled by HubSpot and their hosting partner(s) and HubSpot takes care of the service uptime.

Corporate Identity

Creation of the Corporate Identity involves designing the Logo, Brochures, and other online used media files only. Quantazone will not provide any printing service, photography, videography or video editing service. The media files needed for the website shall be provided by you only and we do not take any responsibility for the media copyrights.

Email Marketing

For the Email Marketing purpose, the subscriber list or contacts to send email campaigns must be provided by you. The tool(s) used for email marketing can be HubSpot and/or Mailchimp, this depends on the most suitable tool(s) for the particular campaign. Initially, the number of email subscribers in a mailing list is limited to 2000 but the customer can opt for an upgrade and increase the subscribers limit. Quantazone will be providing the service of sending the emails and optimizing the emails to gain maximum open rates.

The total number of emails sent each month under the Email Marketing will be solely decided by us based on the initial audit and subscribers’ behaviour.

Project Duration

The project duration will be based on your subscription duration. Quantazone will automatically terminate the project in case the customer fails to pay the subscription amount. The work reports of the Inbound Marketing project will be sent to the customer every quarter. However, a customer can find the live work details from the provided login portal.

Technical Support

A customer can avail the free technical support for the project by raising a ticket from the provided login portal only. The maximum response time from Quantazone will be 2 working days, however, in some cases, there might be a slight delay of 1 or 2 days.

Website Media

The media files including images, videos, GIFs, etc. which are to be uploaded on the website must be provided by you; and copyrighting these images is solely your responsibility. However, we’ll be designing logos and some design files for your website and we take the responsibility of these images in case of any copyright.

Website Backup and restore

The Digital team of Quantazone will be taking the complete responsibility of website backups while the website is being designed. Once the website design is complete and the project status changes to complete, we do not maintain any website backups and will not restore the website in case of data loss from the server. However, you can opt for Cloud Backup plan to manage the automatic website backups to keep your website data secure in case of data loss.

Content writing

Content writing for the website is not part of the website design process. If you want to have the content writing service, you need to opt for the Inbound marketing service.

Cloud and Security

These terms of service are applicable to all the customers who are taking any hosting, domain registration or email service from Quantazone.

Hosting plans

The hosting plans and hosting prices are subject to change and can change without any prior notice.

Server Uptime

The server’s uptime depends on the type of your hosting plan. The uptime is an estimated server uptime, however, this does not guarantee the server will always be up and running every time. In some cases, the uptime percentage might change but the overall uptime is close to the mentioned uptime.


We do not take any responsibility for the security of the data stored on our servers in case it gets harmed by Virus or malware. You can use our Malware detector service to keep your data safe from virus and malware.


There are some limitations of inode usage for the hosting. An inode is a data structure used to keep information about a file on your hosting account. The number of inodes indicates the number of files and folders you have. For Cloud Hosting it is 20,000-1,00,000 and for VPS hosting it is 2,00,000. We provide unmetered data usage for all hosting plans, however, your usage must meet the Acceptable Usage Policy guidelines.

Email client software

We do not provide any email client software configuration such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. It’s your responsibility to manage and use the email client software. We do not take any incident requests over our ticket support regarding the issues with Outlook, Thunderbird, or any other email client software.


The G Suite service is offered by Google LLC. We’ll only be configuring and managing your G Suite account on your behalf. You can read more about G Suite terms and conditions on their official website.

Customer Support

Prime Partners can avail support through telephone, live chat, and email while non-prime partners can avail free support through live chat and email only. The response time for Prime Partners is up to 4 hours and for Non-prime partners is up to 48 hours. The live chat support is available at and for email support, customers can send the email to their assigned support email.

Credit Limit

The default credit limit is available explicitly for Prime partners and this limit would be 20% of the order value. The credit limit allows the prime partners to avail the services without interruption for the next 30 days after the due date.