Why is social media analytics important?

Quantazone blog: Why is social media analytics important?

Why have numerous businesses, brands, and individuals embraced Facebook or Instagram pages? They understand the importance of social media and how it adds value. Now that consumers often experience interactions with companies that are not face-to-face, shifting to social media has become an ideal way to actively engage with customers. Thus making social media analytics an important aspect.

Today’s marketers are rightfully obsessed with metrics.

But don’t forget that your customers are more than just data points.

And yeah, it’s easy to overlook our customers’ feelings and emotions, which can be difficult to quantify.

However, consider that emotions are the amount one think about making purchasing decisions. With numerous consumers sharing their thoughts and feelings on social media, it quite literally pays for brands to possess a pulse on how their products make people feel.

What Is Social Media Analytics?

Do you have an easy way to spot social media trends? What kind of ROI you’re bringing? Your audience expectarions and wants and how they perceive your content and messaging?

What about how your content is perceived when compared to your competitors? Is your strategy working?

This is where social media analytics software is vital. Without measuring and analyzing your content and its performance, there’s no sustainable way to improve and get the results you want.

Reasons Why Social Media Analytics Are Essential

You can gather all types of data about your social media pages. You can’t keep track of everything, so you’ve got to make a decision what data matters most to you. Some things are obvious while others are easily overlooked. The type of data you need also depends on your goals.

Keep in mind that you simply might want analytics for accounts aside from your own. You may, for instance, want to find out more about your followers on Twitter. It’s also useful to analyze your competition. Different tools will offer you these and other capabilities. Even people that don’t know the word “analytics” are very conscious of the foremost basic analytics for his or her social media accounts. This has got to do with the number of friends, followers, likes, views, etc. This is the very basic information that doesn’t require any special tools.

Measure your ROI and prove your marketing impact

It’s logical to seek to understand if the resources you’re investing in social media (for example, paid content promotion) are bringing in revenue. A full 61% of marketers still struggle to prove ROI from their marketing efforts which is an incredible statistic. How many other departments can have such a large impact on business results but struggle to accurately prove it? I can’t immediately think of one.

Analyze followers

This is an especially useful thing to try on Twitter. Finding out, for instance, who your followers are following helps you understand them better. It also provides you with lists of more potential contacts. This can even be helpful on other social networks, including Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. You can use the knowledge you study your followers to form your business more customer-friendly.

Analyze the reach and results of your posts

It’s crucial to remember the impact that each one of your posts is having. Which posts are being shared or liked most frequently? Which are leading readers to your landing page or website? On Twitter, you would like to understand which posts are being favorited and retweeted. The same is true with photos on Instagram, Facebook posts, videos, and other content.

Identify influencers

Influencers don’t necessarily have to be famous. They can be people hidden in your list of contacts who create a disproportionate amount of activity around your content. You want to understand who is most active in sharing, liking, or commenting on your posts. By identifying influencers and their characteristics, you’ll engage with them better and convey more into your circles.

Compare platforms

There are more social media platforms every year. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, there’s LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat, to call just a couple of. You can’t have a robust presence on every single site. Analytics can assist you to identify which platforms work best for you. That way you’ll maximize your efforts on these sites and either drop the others or reduce your efforts with them.

Target and Attract Your Audience

When it comes to the importance of social media, there are so many different purposes – it’s up to you to define how you want to use it!

Is your business trying to realize a general following or is there a selected audience that might value from learning about your services? It’s critical to figure out exactly who are you trying to reach with your messages. With the advancements of social media, going to reach and interact together with your audience has never been easier!

In order to create a message that resonates with your audience and clients, know exactly who you’re targeting. You don’t want your intentions to be lost because they were misdirected.

Social media analytics is crucial to social media marketing. There’s no point in marketing if you cannot see whether you’re doing well or not.

Measurement and analysis enable you to prove your impact, constantly improve performance, optimize budget, create a strategy, and form genuine relationships with your audience that will nurture them through every touchpoint on the way to purchase.

If you’re a content marketer the message is clear: track, measure, analyze, and make sure you have the tools to do it.

To know more about social media analytics head over to Quantazone’s official website and have a word with their experts.

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